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I do remember...it was a weird meeting, for sure.

I have an appt with Tony next week & am pretty stoked for it.


Come back through Austin, get more tattoos.



ps. my Whitehead tattoo is radical, BTW.


I remember your Whitehead tatzap being pretty sweeeeet, a lil too bright for my taste but sweet none the less.

I'm sure I'll be back in Austin sometime (Austin rules, despite what some jag-offs on the oontz seem to think), but not for a bit. I just moved to Oakland, and my BFF from Tx is moving out here too in less than a week.


I'm sure everyone viewing this thread is suuuuuper interested in my life, but fuck all y'all I'm bored and killing time before work.



my Hundahl tattoo is awesome, BTW. I get compliments on it from hispanic girls pretty often, presumably because its black and gray and one of my few tattoos with really thin line work.

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I don't wanna spill the beans on exactly what I am getting, but he was super hype about the idea..which makes me even more excited.

Thomas Hooper is working out of Rock of Ages now, although his style isn't really what I'm into, I might get something by him anyways. As a collector, I can't really pass up the opportunity.

I'm also getting something from Steve Byrne in the near future. And possibly Jason Brooks.

So yeah, tattz rule.


I've been working at a shop here in town, just working the desk & making clients comfortable and that whole thing.

It's no Rock of Ages..but we get a lot of people who can't get in with Tony or Steve & they come to us. Playing second fiddle to the best ain't half bad.

Especially seeing as how there are about a million shops in Austin.


Will pm you the info if/when you come through.

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Not even close.

I am sure people can piece together what the story behind that album is though.


Whitehead and I are still good friends. We don't talk much anymore. Just living different lives.

He's a good dude. A little misunderstood and a little bit tortured by his own demons.

But hey, who isn't?

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Thanks, man.

Getting sober has been the best thing I have ever done with my life.

Being able to help other addicts get sober is what keeps me going.


Been working 2 jobs, staying busy. Doing a lot of side projects. Being productive.

Going to rehabs & talking to people that are trying to get clean.

Making right on all my past wrongs.

It's a real good deal.

Lucky to have made it out alive. Now I just gotta keep that PMA and keep moving forward.

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This is bullshit.


Whatnot, you say you cant stand to even be in the same room as Shits..., that he's a paranoid hype,


loser type.


Yet, he did/spit some Handsome Boy Modeling School player lines that dropped your


your skirt at some point that resulted in offsprung that tamed your hussy ways.


What could you have possibly seen in shits that resulted in this birth..., and dont say it was


booze or drugs that clouded your judgement.


We all know it wasnt his rap sprays (laughter).

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What I still cannot work out is whether you are too proud or have very low self esteem.


Some one who is confident in them self or can get by in life without having to defend them self against every little slight on their reputation wouldn't come in to an internet forum to defend them self to a bunch of faceless and anonymous people that more than likely will have no influence on your life whatsoever.


Only pride or low self esteem would compel some one to do something so self centered.

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I guess it has to do with seein old posts of him just talkin mad shit about me for years...like 95% of it is bullshit, and he makes himself sound like a victim ...I can't believe he has the audacity to do that , when almost our entire relationship was based on lies he created...I recently found out that he was lying , cheating, and doing drugs behind my back the whole time...the other day, I found out that when he got me pregnant, he had been cheating on me, and for awhile was worried the other girl was pregnant..and it was on a thread, like he was proud of it...

So basically , when I see someone I've never even met sayin shit too...it's a little off-putting...I mean, I have nothing against blood fart...who knows what kind of shit he said about me ..I'm not sayin I was perfect by any means...I was a bit paranoid and didn't trust him, which makes perfect sense now...but I do apologize BF, for misdirecting it towards you...I could just tell that he still kinda had a thing for you, and I was jealous...

Honestly, I really didn't care what those who didn't know who I was thought...I just thought I remembered there more people from Austin, who would know who I am...

So..basically, that is why I felt the need to stand up for myself...

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So it's pride then...., and meth.


"OMG, some one said something untrue about me a number of years ago. The people who know me won't be able to work out the truth because my actions don't speak for themselves and after all these years they probably still give a shit. Hmmmm, I think the best thing to do would be to go on to an internationally known internet forum and drag this shit up again where eeevvvverybody can see it....., and in the process post pictures of myself and my child in a place where sharks and jackals patrol.


Yeah, that's a great idea, think I'll do that......., because I'm worth it".




Excellent decision making, simply excellent.

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Must have been his handsome meth appearance that sealed the deal for you.































Or did he tell you he was Shepard Fairy...???












































...or did he point at things all the time???





















































...or was it his tweaker charm??

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