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Seems like rap has been over-saturated lately. Everyone is a rapper. Part of that of course is due to social media making it easier for everyone to get exposure. A lot of mainstream rappers who "made it" were originally YouTube/MySpace rappers; Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, and those Odd Future cats for instance.


You don't even need a major label these days to build a fanbase. Just get some studio time and hire a film student with a Canon 5D to do your video and upload it, and you'll have hundreds of thousands to millions of views.


That's why it's hard for rappers to stay relevant beyond one-hit-wonder status since the market seems so saturated right now.

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I read that as "nigga hasn't raped in the last 5 years."


I mean I'd rather listen to Rae and Ghost or D-Block or something, but I'll definitely give the time of day to Action, some TDE stuff, some A$AP stuff...R.A. and Paz...but those two are not really "relevant" to anyone except people who already listen to them. h1p


Meek Mill rap like he selling hot dogs at a baseball game.

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