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Nah, I know how they sound different. But if some iTunes emo rapper gets sales, does it automatically mean immunity in the "rap game" as in, no one can criticize without being "a hater"?

How fucking stupid is that


You just summed up rap/hip-hop of today. Like someone said, hip-hop died in the 90's.

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This just confused the fuck outta me, I still am unsure why everyone was so excited that this kendrick dude dropped one verse on someone else's song? I don't really follow US hiphop (in the midst of a huge UK hiphop binge these last few months, being from the UK and all) so I spent yesterday on Twitter bemused.


i cant stand uk stuff anymore. mad cringey. lewis parker - masquerades & silhouettes remains a classic though. children of the damned are alright but like i said - uk shit is cringey to me now.


people in here saying hip hop is shit now? theres been some good stuff out the last year or so. anything roc marciano does. prodigy - albert einstein album. freddie gibbs ESGN album. Lil ugly mane. that Wu-Block album was alright. styles p put out a free album a while back which was good. that joey badass kid is actually not bad despite having a terrible name.


and also, joe budden is an absolute fucking clown.

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current UK playlist for me includes


Verb T

Leaf Dog



Dirty Dike

Four Owls


(pretty much all Cambridge/Bristol/London stuff)


I've also been rinsing a guy from Newcastle, Mr Blazey, does gorgeous electronica hiphop. Newcastle rappers have got an amazing flow - Drop Dead Fred and Squidlims in particular.


There's a ton more but these guys are on repeat.


I've also been relistening to a lot of Buck65, Square remains an amazing album to me, and reminds of when TDB was mad young ha.



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