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Seattle/Portland Travel Thread

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So I'm going to be going through Portland, and heading to Seattle. Never been there before, so I thought I would get some input on the oz. Looking for cool places to chill and drink, cool things to see, places to paint, places to eat, and cool nightlife spots. Any input would be appreciated from locals, or folks who have been around that way.

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What kind of bars are you into? divey or classy or bro central?


My recommendations would be this:

Portland: Magic Garden, all night, you really don't need anything else.


Seattle: the whisky bar.


Tacoma is a decent city to hit as well.

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Hit up:

Shorty's in Belltown, Comet on Capitol Hill, 9 lb hammer in Georgetown, Bit in Ballard,


I think Pioneer Square sucks and should be avoided unless someone worthwhile is playing at the Central, which is unlikely.

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haha. magic garden for sure. there's a kinda cool old school arcade spot (with cheap beers) about a block or two away from there. even if you're not in to that i'd say its worth checking out.


if you're feelin crusty i'd head over to a spot called the yamhill pub (also downtown). super cheap beers and worth a look. very portland.

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In Portland hit up inner se. Just over the Hawthorne bridge. Anywhere between the burnside bridge and hawthorne up to 39th is great for drinking and catching tags. Downtown sucks. Magic gardens is a shit strip club, I know, I drink there all the time. If you want to go to a good strip club, look up devils point, lucky devil and sassy's. Those are by far the best and they're all pretty close to downtown, except dp.


Pretty much all the food in pdx is on another level. Do some research online though for what you're into.


Alberta is in ne and its hipster central but its not a bad bar scene.


Lastly, pdx is the beer capital of the states. We have almost 60 breweries not counting the bars that brew. Enjoy.

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If you're insistent on going to Voodoo, go to the one on the east side, just over the bridge on Sandy, and you can skip all that touristy bullshit. The donuts are good, as donuts always are, but the downtown spot is just a scene. Surefire way to single yourself out as a tourist.


It is also THE most cliche "oh, bro, you gotta go to ____" spot in Portland...

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Go to Santeria and get some good Mexican while visiting the sleeziest bathroom in town.

There's a strip club in the bathroom lobby.

For the best strip club in my opinion go to The Lucky Devil. Tell Cholla and Jen I said hi.

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Go to Santeria and get some good Mexican


You're trippin'


Bunch of white dudes workin' there... fuck outta here. Should've expected wack recommendations from the dude telling people to tell strippers "hi" for him....


It's not the worst, but it can EASILY be topped.

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Cool city. I love all the brick buildings and sidewalks

Was expecting more graf tho. Maybe out side the downtown area? Red line from the airport was clean I only saw a couple tracksides rocked



Why the fuck are there soany squatters and bums somewhere is rains and snows so much???



PS- Rainier kinda sucks....

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