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buy a house in detroit for less than $500


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last for the day, I had to run for the police a couple times around here, my brother tom1atm rip weighed around 400 pounds, he never ran from shit. this specific corner I watched him drink a 40 while staring down cops that were not happy with us. there was 3 of us. 2 of us dipped. that nigga kept drinking, and walked. rest in paradise. more another time. welcome to the east side.



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^ depends on your taste in life. I mean, real spit, anywhere from 100 bucks to last a few days, to whatever the fuck you can afford you can get. this is a city where if you know a few people, and got a few dollars, you can get grenades. who the fuck needs a live grenade?


also, if you do come here, and you smoke weed, hmu, I'll match a blunt/s.

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Think so. Didn't really match the pattern on the blanket so I just assumed... Last day of the trip, about an hour or so before heading back to Philly, we find this walking back to the bus from the Packard Plant in an abandoned lot. Hands down had topped anything we had seen the entire trip. Hah




damn, dawg! you got the full Detroit experience..

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I was Google mapping around Detroit and saw a bunch of throwups/burners on a wall at an intersection. The date was of the image was like 2009. Then I looked at it from a cross street from an image from 2011. Throwups & burners still there.


That shit wouldn't be tolerated in my city. The buff is ferocious here.

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lolololol...nigga I don't "drive" shit. but yeah, the benz be out there, amongst other whips. we honestly switch it up often. and since I ain't got a whip personally right now, but I do got an L, and I do not drink, niggas always got a whip, cause someone always wasted.

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48205. red zone. get murked. straight up. if you don't know niggas on these blocks, you are gonna get took. period. rip. my best friends homie died in this house, quadruple homocide, last summer, sure you can find the google link. eye for an eye.



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