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buy a house in detroit for less than $500


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Wikipedia says highways were important. It also says there was a lot of fur trading in the 19th century.

You have to trap before you trade



you have to trap




























































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I'm not super into the pile of shit pictures, but please post away DSD.


I spent a week in Detroit in March 2003. Stayed with a friend on ten mile. I don't know what part of town that is, but I thought it was fucking terrible. She gave me a tour of a bunch of burnt out and abandoned spots, and then there were a bunch of places that she wouldn't even drive me near. Definitely remember the TURTL turtles all over the city.

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Stayed at a place called the Viking motel last summer just based off the name and it being 30 dollars a night. For the first two days the room under ours had its door open wide and none of us could figure out why... We all ended up getting drunk with the Motel owner on the third night. Who, after a few shots, pretty easily admitted that two nights before we showed up some dude chopped up a prostitute in there and left parts all over the room. Coffee machine, microwave, bath tub, etc. Took this pic the next morning and my eyes started watering from the smell. Pussied out on going into the bathroom to get a flick.





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if you actually from detroit, you know this road. best reggie bags on the east side? nigga you broke? I got you fam. 10 dollars, 3 fat ass blunts. you get high for like 20 minutes, then you take a nap. yeah, we really are so broke that there is a thriving reggie spot.


reggie miller also happens to be one of the greatest caucasian basketball players of all time.



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Oh my god, that's terrible.

Is that blood on the blanket?


Think so. Didn't really match the pattern on the blanket so I just assumed... Last day of the trip, about an hour or so before heading back to Philly, we find this walking back to the bus from the Packard Plant in an abandoned lot. Hands down had topped anything we had seen the entire trip. Hah



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