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buy a house in detroit for less than $500


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there is no such thing as middle class anywhere in metro detroit. you either got money or niggas broke as fuck. glad you enjoyed the game. I do not blame you for not wanting to glorify or waste your time visiting here. abcs my nigga, he just jaded like me.


real spit with Rollow Hoodman, there is absolutely no fucking tourism in Detroit. Michigan is a beautiful place if you like fishing and outdoors shit.


other than that, niggas just get shot and robbed a lot around here. I heard there was a news story of a nigga that escaped Wayne County Jail yesterday, link just read now...



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for all you niggas that do not know the geological location of where this nigga got swooped at, it is literally a mile down the street from this fucking place. this nigga ain't all there, he might of devised a plan and got out for a minute, but if you from detroit, you know that Mt. Elliot and 94 is a bad spot...since every fucking city/county goes there to pick up/ drop off inmates daily.



dumb niggas. smh.




worst yet, this nigga already carjacked someone. the story goes this nigga trying to hitch hike to Florida. that's I-75. I just smoked a blunt of some goods, and laughed for a good 5 minutes. fuck this whole universe.

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definitely didn't do himself any favors. Hes stuck in Wayne County Jail for however long it takes to prosecute him. Ive been there, it sucks... but i cant even begin to imagine how much worse it would be for a guy that shanked a dep in the neck. That shit will follow him upstate too. I expect they will make the rest of his life as miserable as possible. Hes gone for good

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on a lighter note, that nigga fucked my night up last night. I got out of work, but didn't read the news update. just heard the east side was on lockdown with mad police looking for a nigga that murked a cop. that is what I heard. fuck a smart phone. phone free for 33 days, not even turning that hoe on, and the rent been paid.

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disclaimer, tonights posts are NSFW! I REPEAT, NSFW!


also, if you do not like dead cats, sorry. nature.


also, titties. and an amazing story to go with said titties. and flicks of said titties.


don't get to excited, busted tute tittes. oh yeah, pussy too.


good times.


I'd also like to say I am warrant free and can wild the fuck out again.


life's good. flicks randomly through the night.


first up, rest in paradise Mike, eastern market survivor since I was a teen in the mid nineties. or to you hipsters, dreadlock mike.



also, these things. good times.




and, last for the hour or so, I almost stepped on this nigga. sorry homie. meowr.






edit, fuck that busted weed, I meant these things.


good times.



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...I tried really hard a few times to get close to this hoe, but homo cide werr lurking, hard.

she waved twice. I seent this nigga and got shook cause at the time I had a few warrants in Detroit, and I was loitering with hoes. but he gave zero fuck, drove by. thanks nigga. now I am warrant free,






insert caption.



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...and I think to myself, I am gonna go pull up in the gas station, get out, and flick this cunt, cause I am pretty sure her titties hanging out, at a major intersection, around 11:45 am...




...and she sees me, we lock eyes, and are immediately in love....


"see, I ain't got no dick nigga. come get this sweet black pussy."

"look, I ain't got no dick nigga!!!"----tute.


"put some fucking clothes on ma, there fucking kids out here." me.

the man in the background is letting me know he has a "pistol."


more of her letting me know "she ain't got no dick."

this nigga had no pistol, and almost got deaded for even fucking fronting like he did. he covered her up, and I dipset before the boys show up, cause a nigga still had warrants at the time.



wrapped up by 11:55 am. welcome to Detroit.


see yall another day.





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Bump these flicks Jue, awesome. I've been busy but they make me want to be back out there. In the meantime been trying to think of something relevant re. this $500 house business... so here you go...


Go to www.whydontweownthis.com


That lays out the whole city like a big game of monopoly and right now it really is like that - a feeding frenzy, with big and small time players going at it.


In all but the most gentrified neighborhoods however there's still $500 spots, but like DSD666 says you've got to be careful.I actually bought a house last year at the auction. Turned out to be a trap house ... funny story if you want to hear it.


This website gives you a rough guide on what neighborhoods they're gonna make an effort to 'save'...10yrs look into the future. If that's possible.




Don't vote Duggan.

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