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My best friend from high school has been smoking meth for nearly a decade now, he apparently started shooting it a few years ago. Dude broke into a quarter machine at a carwash to steal the quarters, for meth. I talked to hime a few months back, said he didn't even remember doing it. Dude used to be really healthy, never the brightest kid, but fairly motivated. Last I heard he was thinking about moving to California, terrible fucking idea for a small town racist white male on meth. I don't expect I'll ever see him again, and if I do I know it won't be the guy I used to know.


Sorry for your loss, dude will never be the same.

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i havent slept in 2 days and before that i got 3 hours. i cant keep this bullshit up. my homie gave me food yeaterday and said "its not my burden" that kind of sucked. get your friend some help!



dood. please. why would you WANT to keep this life up? you have nothing to prove, no one wins out over this shit in the end anyway. get yourself some help.


i don't know what country you are in but this might help you locate treatment




Quoted for truth. Some of the most well known writers owe their fame to meth.


There was a writer(well known) out here that got deep into a bad habit. Dude was about graffiti 24-7, then the meth, next thing you know dude is straight planning crazy robberies to pay for that habit.. He would case out places where his friends worked.. Some shady shit.



although i think i know more writers that have been destroyed by alcohol.. meth, heroin and coke are pretty damn destructive as well. and you end up taking a lot of people down with you when you go down that path


RIP to all of those that fell the wrong side.



a homie i painted with when we were still practically toys offed himself a couple years ago, utterly unable to break out of his cycle of addiction and tired of all the BS that comes with it.


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Shits no joke man.. the drug will own you no matter how strong you think your will power is. turn your life into a endless cycle that always ends in a loss.

Just take a hike and enjoy the little things in life.. because the greed will kill you if you pick up the drugs

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For some reason meth never hit Chicago.. I heard the gangbangers dont want it here cuz they make too much $ on coke. Who knows if thats true or not, but that shit isn't around. Seems like its huge everywhere but here. Guess thats a good thing.

Rip to all those guys

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