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i chilled w a crewmate tonight that i havent seen in like a decade. he was probably a best friend for a few years. this was the kid who NEVER drank or smoked weed w us. always strait sober. guy was such a good writer w so much talent, he was def one of the best piecers out of all of us.


he kinda disapeared over the last couple years and no one had heard from him or seen him. fell off the face of the earth. ...


well he gave me a call outta the blue about a week ago (from his moms house phone) and we arranged to kick it today.



i went to his pad to pick him up and he came out of the house looking like a skeleton. soon as we got in my car he smelt like B.O. so bad i had to roll down the windows,

ive seen a lot of homies fall victim to meth while growing up. mostly in middle school and early in high school.... but DAMN. we are fucking grown ass men now. you should know better by now to fuck with that crap. so damn depressing.


i went to take him to a bar to grab a couple beers and catch up, he mentioned he was unemployed and didnt have any dough but i said i would get us a couple rounds of beer. no prob


we walk in and dude doesnt have any ID. "ah man it mustve fallen out of my pocket, i just had it!".... proceeds to ask the bartender about bringing in a photo copy of his ID??? fuck,


so i just got us a couple beers and we went to a park to drink and shoot the shit this fucking guy couldnt even formulate a concise sentence. it was a fuckingn struggle understanding him.


he did mention he has been sketching a lot though, said he would spend hours on ballpoint pen drawings..... of DRAGONS :(

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Sorry to hear BNH.. I've definitely seen what meth can do and how much destruction it can cause and in such a short amount of time.


The underground scene that I DJ in has really suffered from meth. Seen a lot of people falling over the last few years. One person died when they all decided at whatever time of morning they needed to get more meth and other assorted drugs. Too bad none of them were capable of driving anywhere and paid a high price. And these are people in their 30s/40s as well as twenties that took to stay up longer or whatever and now they only go where they its gonna be at...


I just DJed an after after hours spot and could see people tweeking. They would be dancing then go back to a spot and chill.. On that looped out shit. Was kind of depressing at times.

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though i've had a taste of hard drugs without destroying myself or having a nasty accident (my choice but i also blame it on the terrible influence of my extended family)

i know plenty of people who didn't fare so well.

all in all hard drugs are bad fucking news.

i do still smoke pot all the damn time though


about a year ago, a guy i used to know stunned everyone by OD'ing around age 40 on coke after a lifetime of doing much hard partying..but not a hardcore addict at all. still, once those drugs get ahold of you, they don't like to let go.


my whole neighborhood is full of people who have devoted their entire life to the cycle wonderfully portrayed in Breaking Bad by the hooker in the hotel parking lot.

wake up, scheme all day to get drugs, do drugs, repeat

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At least heroin will kill you, meth does not even have the mercy to do that.


I used to shoot a bit here and there for a couple years, back in the late 90's. I recently ran into a friend who was the most into it of anyone I knew then and he seemed pretty proud of a year sober. Meening that he was doing meth for 16 years.


Graffiti and meth went hand and hand back then, at least around here, except that it would take graffiti crews and kind of turn em into just straight up crime crews.

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I have had to put more friends in the ground behind hard drugs than I care to think about. Meth, coke, smack it's all death, one way or another. A couple where a sudden surprise, but most where a merciful end to a long downward spiral.


None hurt as much as the homie that had gone to treatment and was working his program. He was even getting back with his girl and their baby, only to let an argument with her send him back out. He booted smack on top of the methadone he was taking to keep from getting sick.


His girl still blames herself for it 5 years later.


I will never forget you Nate.

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funny this was the first thread that popped up when i opened ch 0. i fucked with meth a lot in a short period of time last year. like 3gs in 3 days. it fucked me up pretty bad. the past few days i have been fucking with it and its horrible. i havent slept in 2 days and before that i got 3 hours. i cant keep this bullshit up. my homie gave me food yeaterday and said "its not my burden" that kind of sucked. get your friend some help!

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Graffiti and meth went hand and hand back then, at least around here, except that it would take graffiti crews and kind of turn em into just straight up crime crews.


Quoted for truth. Some of the most well known writers owe their fame to meth.


There was a writer(well known) out here that got deep into a bad habit. Dude was about graffiti 24-7, then the meth, next thing you know dude is straight planning crazy robberies to pay for that habit.. He would case out places where his friends worked.. Some shady shit.

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Kids and adults alike, listen to me: Do NOT fuck with those hard drugs. Meth will fuck you hard. They all say they won't get addicted... They do. Just don't even start. Run from the cops for adrenaline if you wanna get a high at least. Better that than fucking glass


don't fuck with drugs at all, the distinction of hard drugs and other is such a bullshit. Same as legal/illegal drugs. If you think that because a doctor prescribe you some pills that it will be safe... then think again



and sorry for your friend man , i have experienced same story with friends that started with alcoohol / hash then graduated to coke , and here you can find cheap coke everywhere 24/7.

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I didn't realise you were friends with COS!


l that shit sucks man, i have never seen anyone in this country on meth but seen plenty of people go to crack or heroin and it is fucking horrible. hope your mate sorts himself out.

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