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internet emcee battles on this site?

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lets start one. seeking can be the judge since he is "a hip hop know it all". whao wants to start? this is not a freestyle session its a battle so if you wanna battle start it. ill be the first.

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wow tt that was great

thers no debate

i be diggin in the crates

freshest flows that are unmanagable

flow consistinatly untangable

i'll watch ya stumble over your words

nouns plus verbs

ill drop a fat turd in your drink

with your rhymes so heavy your bound to sink

like the titantic

my shits like dirrehea still comin, automatic

if you like it or not

im dumb hot

step to and youll get dropped

ill wrap ya like wrenolds

plastic wrap

the flow you brought sounded like crap

so take it back you got ripped off

when you bought that ryme

just cause its on sale for a dime dont make it ryme

yo tt you got the time?

i think its time you back up off my bone you clone and get you own.

your shits blown


thats my word.

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Originally posted by big bruno


you ever see the movie WhiteBoys?




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Guest WebsterUno

*MC Hump-A-Lot*


You think you got skills…HA!

but yo mama still pay da billz…HA!

Im gonna whoop your ass…HA!

You betta pay me some cash…HA!

Cuzz Im bout to rip you off fast…HA!

I aint no suckah chump…HA!

but this thread is gettin a fat BUMP…HA!

Seeking Innocense is a bitch…HA!

He got a diesease that make him itch…HA!

I dont care if he the judge of this shit…HA!

Ill make him fall on the floor and have a fit…HA!

You toys need to back up and break me off…HA!

you gonna suck my fat dick till you cough…HA!

Ill make you start hiting me up…HA!

take your paint and beat you up…HA!

you ride shotgun in a lil hatchback honda…HA!

your fat babys momma homegirls name is LaRhonda…HA!

this ryhme sounds so stupid but it works…HA!

I gonna bust a nut on yo girls shirt…HA!

write my name in cum and slap her ass good…HA!

she know how to work it and give me hard wood…HA!

yall know I should…HA!

work her fat booty and then get some skrill…HA!

MERO DOGG is next to bust a meeeeean nut on her GRILL…HA!

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battle rap? ill spit some shit thatll make you not wanna battle back,

an after that? go ahead dude check the aftermath,

an see your softer than a babys ass after fuckin bubble bath.

like im havin that, weak emcee's straight fuckin the game up

i done came up from pushin weed an e's while you was hooked on the same stuff,

theres dealers an buyers, consumers and suppliers,

i dont even spit on these threads cause this shit gets tired.

but i figured for the second time ill kick a little wisdom,

an see who reads my rhymes while everyone elses shits dumb,

you pickin up what im puttin down? i dont wait around for clowns,

an im the type to make gravity jelouse by the way i put it down.

your readin this the wrong way, and probably murderin my delivery,

fuck around and get hit up till you spit up, cause im the epitomy,

take my word like food to those ethopion kids,

the way ill make this bonecrusher stick to your ribs,

and even with a basic scheme ill still kill it with a n b bars with the force of three cars,

ill leave you a guest on maury as one of those big hearted retards,


blah blah blah

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ill put something later...i think we should also do collabs on varys subjects....i think that would be neato...///............any cool subject idea would be great.........//....

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i dont know about all this internet battle stuff...theres a huge difference in reading lyrics and actually listening to them...wheres the cadence? hard to tell when reading...

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rhyming on the internet is a little different then up in a cats face..youre probley sitting there typing your shit all day perfecting it then posting it up...you should just call it a written verses battle..its not freestyling at all..netcees..

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Guest 455

graffsurgeon:I have to agree with you on that-it kind of like a written verse battle...rhyming in someones' face is way funner-then you get dis things like the clothes they are wearing and,maybe their teeth and hair-all sorts of things.mostly,I just like rhyming with people in circles and just going back and forth.anyways,peace to all the people who like to rhyme on this board.keep it up.I wish I had some MP3's.

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The "COALITION" will not tolerate any bickering within the ranks!!!

There is to be no battle; of any sort; involving two member of the "Coalition" against each other!!


May the empire reign!!!:king: :mad:

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