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Well then why the fuck is there boxes that you have to check whenever filling out any application that say Race:






If you pay attention... Take the census for instance -- in the top category asks if you are White, Black, Asian, Native American/Indigenous, Mixed, Other, etc.


Then there's a second category, that shows "Hispanic" as an option. After the person selects one from the top category, then they check whether or not they are of Hispanic origin.


If Hispanic is just a language and not a race, then why do native Americans check "Hispanic" in the race box?


Native Americans as in Navajo, Cherokee, or Apache? They don't check "Hispanic."


And if Spanish speaking is a race, then why is English not a race?


Who said Spanish-speaking is a "race"?


Or German?

Or Russian?

As long as native Americans check "Hispanic" as their race, Hispanic will be a race.

And I will continue to laugh in the face of every blonde haired, blue eyed German where I live who gets mad when he's called white and tries to tell me he's hispanic just cause his grandparents fled to Central America after WW2.


I have never heard of a Native American, and by Native American we are speaking of an indigenous person from the Continental US -- ever call themselves "Hispanic." To be a Hispanic you must either be from or a descendant of a Spanish-speaking country. Most Native Americans grow up speaking English and in some cases will learn their Native American tribal language for cultural reasons.

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personally i dont give a shit about a place or event thats next to a lake called mullet thats been a racial powderkeg for a hundred years..jackie robinson,kkk,naacp..black nationalists..nation of islam,ect..etc..and so on


just stopped by to post this for those that remember the ill fated google glass thread


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There seriously is no fucking justice.


Anyone who thinks it's ok that this grown man stalked a teen and shot him while he was unarmed are absolutely out of your fucking minds.


This was an open shut case. The operator told this cop want-to-be faggot to back off and not go after the child. Trayvon had every right to be where he was, Zimmerman was a fucking racist vigalante with nothing going on in his life who just wanted to shoot someone. Because of that the kids fucking dead and this pile of shit walks a free douche.


I don't get American justice, maybe it's just Florida. First Casey Anthony kills her baby and gets away, now this mexican-jew Paul Blart ass wangster gets away with murder. Kids, Florida is dangerous for your health.


Fuck Zimmerman, my fingers are seriously crossed that he gets merked.


(Im also a little dissapointed in the black people not tearing shit up)

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Watch the video I posted.


A dispatcher has no bounding authority. They will tell you not to get involved in most situation's. Maybe the exception being starting CPR.


American justice isn't perfect, it has it's flaws. However I doubt you would like the alternative to it, especially when you find yourself in front of a judge.


Nobody here saw what happened, and most likely you got your information from a main stream media source that relied heavily on racial talking points and stringing your emotions a long.


I don't know exactly what happened I wasn't there, but from the information I was given, and the charges he was facing, I do not think that he was guilty.


I suppose I'm just some racist German Nazi though, oh well.

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How anyone can rationalism what happened as self defense ill never understand.


All I can say is I honestly hope someone you love gets shot and killed by a mad man and they walk, stupid people deserve to suffer.


If this happened to my son or brother, there would be alot of dead Zimmermans.

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NYC is liberal, NY state is not.

Just like how Philly tends to vote liberal, yet the rest of the state might as well be in the fucking bible belt.







So then the kid still got shot for breaking into cars.

What the fuck did Trayvon do?



Son....we are practically agreeing on the fact that Zimmerman is guilty of murder. Aint no more debatements about that...



But i will say liberal ass NYC pretty much controls the state anyway.

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Pretty much, christo.

I guess most people are riled up because this has been trumped up to be the pinnacle demonstrable element of our racist justice system. Its not. Maybe if zimmerman had white skin and not just a last name, and maybe if he'd said something other than "he's black" we might have some racist stuff here.


Overplayed headlines and reality-tv court fed to a moronic mass... We have plenty to be really, really pissed about. But somehow a dead kid in FL (which no one gives a fuck about that state anyhow) has trumped the fact that the NSA is spying on civilians. This fucking kid has got the populace more riled up that the Patriot Act, NDAA, the plethora of police-on-civ murders, etc...


In conclusion, fuck Americans; They don't actually give a shit about their liberty.

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