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Lots of protests around South Central L.A. right now...


LAPD moving in swiftly. They won't let it be like 1992 again...




@LANow 5m

LATEST: LAPD tells @LATvives #Zimmerman protesters tried to break into the nearby McDonalds and a shoe store


@LANow 10m

Zimmerman verdict: LAPD declares unlawful assembly http://lat.ms/147xDUL


@Venice311 12m

Crenshaw & 43rd place @KCBSKCALDesk newsmen were attacked, need ambulance


@Jayron26 17m

LAPD slamming protestors against wall and mass arresting. Paddy wagons en route. #OO #OSF #OLA #OWS #OCHI #ODC #Hoodiesup #TrayvonMartin


@anblanx 19m

People up against walls on Vernon near 10th as #LAPD following though on promise to arrest people who did not leave area.

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Zimmerman is a dumbass for picking the fight in the first place that he obviously couldnt handle, even after being told by the dispatcher to stop following Trayvon.


And he looks more white now than he did when the incident went down...he looked like a hispanic thug in those early interviews before he got all fat.


Him being free doesnt really bug me as much as a bunch of white faggots in my city holding a vigil for Trayvon. Black kids get shot all the fucking time in my city and those same vigil organizers dont think twice about it. In other words, nobody gives a shit about black on black crime

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TM is dead so we'll never hear the full story. GZ was deemed innocent since the prosecutors didn't have strong enough evidence to prove otherwise with six women jurors. This is how our justice system is supposed to work whether we like it or not.


I just don't get what the huge fuss is about when there is 100x worse things going on everyday yet people don't give them a second thought. That is our education system at work.

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