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Brazilian Rappers Being Assassinated By Brazilian Military Police

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Cliff notes:


Brazilian funk-artists often make "fuck the police" type songs, and death squads made up of ex-cops with connections to active cops put out hits on the rappers.


In the last 2 years, 7 Brazilian MCs have been killed.


The most recent was MC Daleste who was shot a few days ago during a live concert in front of 4,000 people in Campinas, outside of Sao Paulo.


Here's the video from different angles...


From the right: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VRSD7hnApc


Further back in the crowd: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LF2wxE1xzU





Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2362051/MC-Daleste-killed-death-squad-formed-police-officers-avenge-anti-cop-lyrics.html


Brazilian rapper shot dead on stage may have been one of SEVEN killed by 'death squad formed of police officers out to avenge anti-cop lyrics'


Daniel Pellegrine was a 20-year-old funk singer known as MC Daleste

He was shot in front of 4,000 fans at a free concert in Campinas, São Paulo

Mobile footage shows him slumping to ground during rant about police

It is the 7th death of an MC since 2010. Bullets match those used by police



PUBLISHED: 12:07 EST, 12 July 2013 | UPDATED: 15:01 EST, 12 July 2013


Brazilian police investigating the on-stage shooting of a rapper say he may have been the victim of a vigilante death squad with links to the police that could also be responsible for the murders of six other MCs.

Daniel Pellegrine, a 20-year-old funk singer known as MC Daleste, was shot in the stomach in front of more than 4,000 fans while performing at a free concert in Campinas, São Paulo on Saturday night.

Video footage of the incident posted on the internet shows the rapper slumping to the ground mid-way through a rant about the police.


This is the seventh death of an MC since 2010. It could have been eight but rapper Julio Cesar Ferreira, 26, also known as MC Neguinho Caxeta, miraculously survived when gunmen sprayed his car with bullets in June 2012. Four lodged in his back, narrowly missing his vital organs.

Detectives investigating the murder of Daleste, who before his death was raking in £60,000 a month as a rapper, are refusing to rule out the possibility that he was deliberately executed by a hitman connected to the police.


The vigilante gangs are widely referred to in Brazil as ‘grupos de extermínio’ or ‘Milicia’ and operate in and around São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


'They are a group of assassins that are made up of ex-policemen and serving officers,' said Marcelo Rezende, an investigative journalist and presenter of Record TV’s prime-time crime show.

'They are mainly military police officers who have either been expelled from the force or have left to go into crime because it offers a more lucrative return than their salaries.

'They are supported by some insiders who continue to serve in the force. These bad guys use their experience combined with their police powers to carry out their criminal activities.'


In April last year three military police officers were arrested but later released over the murder of a rapper known as MC Primo, a 27-year-old father of two who was shot dead on his doorstep in front of his family. At the time the military police launched an internal investigation which is said to be still ongoing.

A year earlier in April 2011, MC Duda Marapé, 27 - real name Eduardo Antônio Lara - was also gunned down. Forensic evidence taken from the scene revealed that the bullets used in his murder came from a .40mm pistol - standard issue for Brazil’s military police.


According to Pegolo Rui, the homicide detective leading the investigation into Daleste’s case, the killer knew what he was doing.

Two shots taken from 20 to 30 metres away from the stage, point to it being a professional execution.

The first bullet skimmed underneath Daleste’s armpit, the second was a direct hit. 'We're not dealing with someone who was shooting for the first time,' said Rui. 'The killer was calm and accurate.'

On Tuesday this week, a video was posted online by a youth claiming to be a friend of the dead rapper accusing the police of assassinating Daleste.

Talking directly to the camera, the unnamed friend claims that Daleste was stopped by uniformed officers on the day of the show.


'The police asked him where did you get your expensive car from, money, clothes and other things. (Daleste) said from hard work but the police didn’t believe him,' says the friend.

'Then they asked him for money. He said he didn’t have any and he wasn’t going to give them any.

'The police said, "Okay." And they let them go,' he adds. The friend then claims the same officers returned that night to seek revenge.

Daleste’s father Roland Pellegrine said his son was a good boy who never had any enemies but was killed because of jealousy.

Police have since retrieved the first bullet from the scene of Daleste’s murder. It allegedly matches the .40mm ammunition issued by the military police.

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To the registered user: this is Theo's 138th post about this.



Since a spic shot a spic, the media does not care...



Unlike the only thing CNN & HLN report: a spic with a Jewish name shot a nigger.




Jodie Arias left a void.









Sad shit. Fuck erryone.

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I'm just surprised this story isn't getting more attention... I think it's pretty interesting. Imagine in the US cops just bodying any rapper who spoke ill of the police.


Do you know what is favela?


Let me tell you the story of these people.

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what do you expect? I mean if the cops in the US could get away with this just as easy then there would be a lot of MCs dying. Personally I think if that did happen here we would be rid of a lot of douche bags, and maybe even better music lol

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turn this up

Have you ever wire tripped?


RIP Jericho 1

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To the registered user: this is Theo's 138th post about this.



Since a spic shot a spic, the media does not care...








Or maybe because this was in Brazil and not the US?


Rip 360!


Was it 360 who used to post on here about being a Brazilian DJ?

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And this MC Daleste dude who got shot was up-and-coming and successful, not some no-name.


He was making about $90,000 US Dollars a month:




His friend said before the show, Daleste got stopped in his car by the cops, and they were asking him where he got his money, jewelry, clothes, and nice car from... He told the cops "hard work." The cops then demanded he give them some money but he refused... soon after at the show he got killed. Sounded like the gun had a suppressor on it. And a .40mm bullet was found in him -- the standard issue for Brazilian police.


Brazilian cops are some of the worst. In the 90s they wanted to clean up the homeless population, so the cops would go around just grabbing homeless kids and shoot them on the spot.

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He's good people.


Greg Kading disses the cops and calls out corruption in the book. He left the force in disgust.


He's working on a documentary about it too.

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