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North Carolina raise up


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Damn, newgirl. Get some mace and a Tazer! I was just clowning earlier, but seriously, stay safe, but keep the pics coming. What kind of camera are you using, though?


Thank you and yes I'm definitely going to look into arming myself from now on. When I'm shooting trains it's all good cuz I live next to the tracks, but today I went on an expedition looking for new shit. My camera is a POS (don't laugh) Kodak Easy Share with 10.2 MP's its a few years old I bought it before I was really into photography. I got it used from a pawn shop but its been a really good camera! Survived many drunken nights and vacations! I've tried to mess with the settings to customize them more for what I need but I seriously don't think it's possible on this camera. So for now i'm limping along cuz if I'm going to buy a new camera it's going to be a good one. I'm planning to spend a few hundred. And it's all good about the clowning, I've got big tits I hear all kinds of shit. lol

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I know! I havent posted in so long! I'm seriously sittin on thousands of dope flicks. Maybe I'll post 'em up soon. I add flicks to my instagram acct everyday though so you can always check that out. HellaciousHayley is my s/n...There are no tits pics though....sorry guys


don't be sorry.

titty pics are for girls with nothing else to offer



instagram seems to be where all the kids are going these days

just can't seem to get down with it

dunno why

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