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NYC help out a brotha

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Heading to NY in a few weeks from lovely old Dublin, Ireland. Can someone recommend shit for me to do that isnt 100% tourist attack?


food, drink, fun, etc. Any good music/gig/event listings either?




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Check out the Clocktower Gallery. Even if you'renot feeling what they have on display there its a pretty awespme space located in the top of a city courthouse in downtown Manhattan. It goes allthe way to the tip top of the courthouse.


If you do what a lot of Euros do when they come to Nyc (wink wink) do your research during your vacation and handle the bidnis right before you leave.

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1. Piss anywhere you want.

2. Drink anywhere you want.

3. Manhattan is full of heebs & homos, they're usually both.

4. Graff shops, always.

5. Tag "SIK" on the Bowery/Houston Wall.

6. Go into a bodega, ask if they happen to have 'dis'dick.

7. Famous Original King Rays Papaya on a Stick Pushcart, clockin from a corner while you're eating a k'nish.

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DSD666 is gonna be out in Brooklyn. Should hook up with him. Totally not severely depressed anymore


and now strapped with a heater so your safety is assured, seeing as you will be taking a tour of


the shittiest parts of NYC. You may get blasted..., but you could also get blasted in detroit.

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Bump this!


I arrive Sunday.


My main interests are: Records, Nikes, Drinking, Eating, Weed and Hip Hop.


Any things that are on or shops I should visit?


So far I am going to go check out oneohtrixpointnever in Moma on sunday (free Vodka), then go to the mr saturday night party in brooklyn, then get arrested.

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