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As if we needed more reasons to hate subway.

less than a week ago, went to this pita place & ordered a chicken wrap. it was late, but dudes inventory was still pretty much full (they make it in front of you) & it was cutting close to closing time, so got kinda excited for this wrap filled with mad chicken.. or so i thought. dude limply threw like half the chicken you were supposed to get to begin with, to my despair


it was way too late & was too tired to be pathetically arguing about that, so i just heaved a sigh & left while it was on the griddle


twas a moment of defeat on both of our parts


eat fresh

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on a sidenote -

have you thought about making your own sandwich / pita / wrap / whatever,

with excessive amounts of schicken / whatever ?

grab life by the balls !!

go big, boi !!


\m/_ > _ < _\m/

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