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Maine Hermit: Man abandons Society For 27 Years; Robs to survive


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Idk if you're talking about who I think you're talking about but i fuckin lol'd.

twas this guy





dude's a dick for stealing from a camp for disabled people. other than that and the rapey look on his face, it's kinda cool.

this - would not let him babysit, had i any children

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That guy seems like he would be a major asshole. I could be wrong, but I bet he is extremely selfish.


CIL = no patience for people who have no patience for other people.


This man is a KING!


It seems selfish to be focusing or your lack of patience for someone that just wanted some solitude. Dude was a fucking Hermit, he ain't even trying to kick it with no CILONER in the first place, let alone intend to be an asshole about it.

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well, he prolly stole em from the people he was getting food from


it's rare, but people do read.




Stole food AND books from the disabled? That's fucked up.


I once volunteered in an old age home and all they had was shitty second hand rags. I can't imagine the kind of crap he was reading.

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something to be said about a dude ghosting on modern society with a 27 yr span of racking EVERYTHING, living in extreme weather and never being caught. It really doesnt matter if you agree with it or not, dude pulled off what no other killer, tag banger, rapist, common crook or any other weirdo anti-society nut job has ever done that we know of so far. yall get the point but are playing devils advocate super hardbody.

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I am not sure yet, I just PMd Berdsdahwerd and asked him how he is doing it and if I can get any pointers.


I am seeing that having a middle class life, is not making me a "King".


Still I strive...


why you gonna make up stories about sending a private message, You actually seem offended about my use of the word "King" ... go get some jokes

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