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When I was 15 I had some azian man tried to hit me w an umbrella when I was writing on the inside of the bus. One of the best umbrellas I ever owned after that day.


Must spread rep.


One time I blacked out on the walk home from some party and apparently (from what I saw the next day) smashed everything along the way on that 20+ block walk. I don't remember any of it other than some old Asian couple pulling up on me getting a tag sometime after the sun had already came up and the old man getting out the driver seat and trying to get all Kung Foo on my ass with his cane. As shitfaced as I was I guess I still had the decency to not beat up a old man cause I just maced him while laughing. And walked away lauging my ass off while he got back in his car with his wife yelling at him in Chinese. That is literally the only thing I remember from that walk home.

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props to boat on the o'clock video. must spread. been looking for that terroist track for like 8 years. heard it on another video of some euro dude rocking a clean train (whose name i cannot recall started with an r though) been wondering ever since.


O'clock and that terrorist beat are the best thing to ever come out of Europe graffiti wise.

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