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United States Hurricane Season 2013


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i'm a scientist so climate change isn't something to 'believe' or 'deny' it's something that's been shown to be happening. it's probably too late to do much about it though, just get ready for a ride i guess.



anyhoo. i remember awhile back when everyone was laughing about katrina (cuz it didn't do jack shit to florida before it hit nola..)

then people were saying sandy was a big joke.

i did just book a trip to the caribbean for august. rollin the dice, as i usually do.

one of these days i'll be unlucky but i'm not gonna sit around worrying about it.

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A lot of rain and flooding, some stupid people did some stupid things and put themselves in danger.

I definitely think the climate is changing, and there is more energy being put into the atmosphere, and the weather is changing. I don't think anybody really understands it though.

I fucking love crazy weather. Bring it on mothernature, hit me hard and I'll tongue punch your fuckbox.

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"But first, let’s check the death count from the killer storm bearing down on us like a shotgun full of rain!” – Kent Brockman


“Well Kent, as of now the death count is zero, but it is ready to shoot right up.” – Meterologist


“Oh my god. Damn you, rain!” – Kent Brockman

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