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Sleazeside Heights

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When the dope man says 5 minutes and means it.


When your French fries are so hot they hurt your finger tips.


When the electric bill is super low for no reason at all.


Clean socks.


When you wake up after smashing booze all night and still have money in your wallet.


When you pull up to the crib and roomie mowed the grass already.

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I love when people around me realize its the little things that are important.


I love when my smart Water turnes into slushie type ice from being in the fridge....after coming in from 110 + degree weather.


Hopefully after tomorrow, ill be saying I love having my car back.

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i love it when its crowded & people keep stepping on your heels


when you say excuse me & some dog of a human (a dog would be an improvement/compliment to them, in reality) turns to look at you, turns back, then straightup refuses to move without saying anything


when people harass polite beggars who are just sitting. hook him up some change or move the fuck on, ya jizz-stained toilet accident


sarcastically, though


threads done collided



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@med - co-signed.


I see a beaut of a handstyle

I get a wall to decorate

I get sneaks/see beautiful sneaks

Decy is with me

My girls are in town and down to smoke and chill and draw (yay A, S and E)

I hear one of my fav songs

It's sunny

It's stormy and the sky is a rolling canvas of electricity

I find skateboards to draw on

I manage to find the good in a situation


Good thread, I needed some + today x

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The lice wasn't even lice, just an itchy scalp.


Here you want this leftover lobster tail and baked potato bruhhh?? yes. yes I do.


New contracts for work that don't ever ask if my insurance is still valid. It says licensed and insured on the business card doesn't it??


The dog came back after 3 days of being gone. .Awesome.


After two months the little tree air fresheners are still kickin..


Since were neighbors do you just wanna use my wi-fi password??

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