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Terror attack in SE London


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DAO are you honestly saying this didnt happen? I mean i only read the last post but i gathr it'd follow the normal line.


This did happen.


I'm not one to jump on conspiracy theories bro. But look at the video. The dude laying on the ground who supposedly just got hacked to death and or decapatated has absolutely zero visible blood on or around him. Dude hamming it up to the Iphone has some shit all over his hands that does not look like real blood at all. Maybe this was street theatrics gone bad and the pigs are just covering their ass's, maybe it was a false flag, maybe this, maybe that.... who knows. But you can't argue with the evidence you can see plain as day.

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Real talk though I remember first seeing this on CNN the day it happened and kinda sorta thinking that it didn't look like real blood, but it didn't really sink in like that. I just took it for what it was and assumed it really went down like that.

It wasn't till this thread where I saw more of the video and saw the supposed hacking victim lying on the ground with zero visible blood anywhere in his vicinity that I put 2 and 2 together and it didn't add up to 4. If shit don't smell right, there's probably something rotten.

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I think conspiracies and cover ups exist for sure, but we're getting to the point of a weird version of boy who cried wolf... The last 3-4 attacks/disasters are all "false flags" or used "crises actors"... So when a real terrorist act happens, everyone will claim fake blood this, photoshop that, I mean are we supposed to believe now that every atrocity is fake or planned by the Government to start martial law? Even the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma are being blamed on HAARP by tin foils...

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