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The Office (Finale)

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UK office > US office.


US office = Horse shit in comparison.



That is all.

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You just came in here to hate because you're still mad you ole' faggot.


As far as pumping my nads, didnt you basically full on admit you can't keep an erection anymore?


Sorry, I've been gone for a minute. I forgot I posted this until I just saw my posi props.


As I said, Simple People. I bet you have a dundermifflin mug & an easy button at your register at Krogers.


Congrats on creating the third gayest thread in ch.0 history, behind homo dungeon and slayer tranny.

You seem to be confusing me with another poster, but it's nice to know you've been thinking about someones erection all this time.


If I remember correctly, your that tween from the rust belt who thinks he is actively a part of his interests, like this dumb show, or "his" buffalo bruins. Do you say "we" too when you talk about OS Gemeos as if you are the long lost triplet?


Stick to bragging about what are actually a part of: muff-diving fatties from POF.

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i loved the first few seasons of the office.

when the jim & pam storyline started building steam, i started losing interest.

i always liked jim's other girlfriend. rashida jones.


my favorite characters i thought they slept on a little.. never expanding any of creed's or even meredith's story lines like come other secondary players.

all the love stories just got boring after awhile. i can't blame em. people live that shit and after so many seasons you need show ideas. i just got sick of it.


that said, i loved jan.

her relationship with michael might've been one of the show's great plot lines.. also spawning the amazing dinner party episode that is chock full of cringe inducing goodies.



the ryan and kelly story went off the deep end with him returning after pulling that corporate coup.. so far fetched.

but when they hooked back up at the end, yeah, it was funny.

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