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Guess the turd doesn't fall too far from the faggots ass in your house--------------


Heya Cockferbrainz, tell me, what does that even mean? I can't tell if you're insulting turds, faggots, asses or my house.


Anyway, saw it, worth the $11 for the 3d but not needed. I think the new movies are really well done. As with the first flick, the characters are eerily well portrayed. After the first film it seemed like most people wanted to talk about the 'new Spock' but I have to say Chris Pine has done an amazing job of divorcing Shattner from Kirk. He really taps into the subliminal side. His physicals are spot on and he carries Shattner's sort of shouty/overdramatic nuances really well.


This movie does put kinks in the original story arc (not too huge) but I recently heard JJA has said he's not really concerned with maintaining that continuuity. I'm cool with that as this was all based off an hour long nightly drama which are all basically character driven morality plays.


tl/dr: ST2 kicks ass! BtB eats faggot ass turds at the house... or someting...

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