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Portraits of Soldiers Before, During, and After War

Mao Tse Fun

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At the time my reasoning went something like this "So this is a clean, free, pharmaceutical grade high that I won't have to sweat on the wiz-quiz? Fucking sign me up Doc." I do understand where you are coming from, I have a couple friends that got OTH's for not taking the anthrax shot, they got them up graded when the shot became optional. At times I wish I had done that too, I had the knot in the back of my arm for the better part of 5 years.

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I did my best not to take any "medicine" from the Army during my whole career. Unless of course, i was essentially "forced" too. I even risked getting in trouble, because I did not (and still do not) trust the anti-malaria medicine they were giving out that was giving people screwed up dreams.


If they told me to take "go-pills" I would tell them no. I know that is easier said then done, but if you knew the history of my career, you would know I have done similar already.


Oh wow, yeah, primaquin (sp?) and shit, I can't remember the name of the other anti-malrial. I lived on it for 6 months, the dreams were something else. Also the sunburn. I swear I got sunburned much more easily on that crap than not.

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Reminds me of this story about some random farmer type guy who ended up getting drafted in winter war or continuation war, had no military training... dude was patrolling in skis in the forest and bumped into an enemy patrol. BTW this was all happening around 20 degrees below water freezing point (celsius). Russians wanted prisoners so there was a chase without firing a shot that lasted for hours/days, the guy wouldn't remember because he consumed many a pill of metamphetamines in this crazy blizzard and kept skiing non stop for days. Fair enough he lost the russians from his tail at some point and eventually encountered a lost trench/bunker that was properly landmined by own troops. He proceeded to get de-limbed by said landmines and for the remaining bits of his war he laid legless in the snowy trench half dead, probably in a coma-type condition for days before re-discovered by friendlies.


I have no reason whatsoever to actually believe any of that story, but it was absolutely crazy to find this no-good druggie tale from an old book riddled with stories about heroic tank killers, flying aces and snipers and such. This guy however contributed absolutely nothing to the war effort other than outchasing one russian patrol and consuming his team's worth of pervitin, losing limbs and somehow surviving the whole clusterfuck in almost one piece.

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Its a cool idea, but I don't think the execution was particularly great.


Like Christo said, you lose weight regardless of what happens during war (assuming you actually have a job that requires leaving the wire). Your skin gets tough because of a hard sun and dry air. Functioning through exhaustion will fuck with your head and eyes a lot.


Migrant workers that pick your fruits can earn that same look, its doesn't mean they've seen shit, it just means they need some shade, water, and rest.


Also it would make a difference with timing. Each person should of been photographed during the same time span, but it could have been different for each solider. Like the first guy shows a span over 3 years, and the second guy was over 5. I could see that making a difference.

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