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* NFL 2013-2014 Official thread (Year of the Ravens) *


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I'm just happy the broncos o- line is so fucked from injuries.




Division predictions






Wild- Bucs/Seahawks





Bengals are my sleeper pick this season.

Wild- Colts


Bengals/Texans V Niners super bowl

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The Bengals made it (to the WC round at least) last season, and they haven't really had a lot of roster turnover, compared to a lot of other teams. Plus in the eyes of a lot of people this is really a make or break year for Dalton.


Every time one of those assholes on NFL network and ESPN opens their mouths about the Bengals it "Was last year just a fluke?" and "Is he just a place holder, or is he the real deal?"


That shit would motivate the hell out of most people to be that much better, if for no other reason than to throw a big "fuck you" in all of their faces.

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Did the same shit to me too, when I opened the bill first thing I saw was the the total. I thought my step-son had figured out the whole pay-per-view spank-travision thing. I thought I was going to have to beat his ass, then have that "real life isn't like porn" talk all at once.


Edit: Holy shit... I don't know what to say.


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usually make it out every game when the boys are in town, not sure if I should go this Friday night when they in the town.. went last year & they won but it wasn't nothing to brag about won 3-0 lol so I might just chill.


went to the one the year before when they played in the sco vs the 49ers.

never forget, always a good day when you beat the 49ers.


preseason or not I love me some football>>

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Thank god it's back.


That being said, by the time the season rolls around no ones going to have a healthy roster.

I don't ever remember there being this many season ending injuries this early.


That being said, I cannot wait to see my Ray Bay Bay's tomorrow.

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First prrseason game for my team tmrw super excited

Already supposed to be blacked out tho!



And my buddy said Rivers fumbled the snap on 3rd & goal at training camp the other day..... HAHA FUCK.

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