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* NFL 2013-2014 Official thread (Year of the Ravens) *


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Divisional round


Colts v. Patriots - Patriots

Chargers v Denver - Denver


AFCCG- Patriots over Denver


Saints v. Seattle - Saints

49ers v Carolina - 49ers


NFCCG- 49ers over Saints


Patriots-49ers Superbowl


49ers hit the 6th.

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I really don't mind the Seahawks, but every few years a bad team becomes good and theres always these shitty bandwaggon and fair weather fans that come out of no where, and it's annoying. These past couple years have been them.


This. I liked them better a few years ago when they were huge underdogs against The Saints and won that playoff game with Lynch going beastmode. Now that they're Super Bowl favorites sooo many bandwagoners talk so much shit like they already got the Chip locked up. They have great young players but even they talk so much shit now. Sherman being the most vocal.



I like Wilson but right now I see him as an slightly above average QB. That's no knock on him because most young QB's fall under the pressures of being a starter in the NFL. He will do great things in the future for sure.

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I don't know, to me Denver didnt look all that great last night.


Manning lucked out, two easy picks got dropped.

Plus the Chargers are mediocre, and they lost players every other series.

By the end of the game they had 2nd and 3rd stringers on the field, and still

honestly had a chance to win it.


That FG was bullshit, no way it was in.


I just don't know why the Chargers didnt come out in the second half slinging like they did in the final 5mins.


If teams didnt wait until it was mathematically impossible to start doing some crazy shit (onside kicks, hail mary's) then maybe there would be more upsets.


You can't play conventional football and beat Manning, that's established.

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At this point id be cool with Denver or the 49ers winning it.


I don't like forehead but maybe he'll retire and GTFO finally if he wins.

49ers are just a cool organization, plus then the Steelers could shut the fuck up about having the most Lombardis.


Anyone, and I mean anyone but the fucking Patriots.

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