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Boston Marathon


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I love letting people know when they are mistaken, this is one of those times


"[updated at 2:48 p.m. ET] There have been no arrests in the Boston Marathon bombing investigation, according to Boston police and the Justice Department."



Stop watching Fox News.

it's more like Faux News anyways, amiright?


My office has Fox News and CNN on simultaneously all day. CNN was actually the first to report an arrest had been made around 1:30pm. I don't think fox ever reported it.

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To be fair, the reason this is such a big deal is because:


1. This country is not occupied as a result of war. Yes, we have our fingers in a lot of military conflict pies around the world, and yes blahblahblah fuk da government, but Boston is not an active warzone.


2. The Marathon is a very old occasion for celebration and has a bunch of traditional symbolic significance for a major city in the United States.


3. Solidarity with our own people. This is the crux of why it's a big deal. We might not give a relative fuck about what's happening in Iraq or Syria, but you can bet they sure do there. Just like we give a fuck about what happens here. I wouldn't expect Syrians to care about what happened in Boston. They don't. Also, it's not like half the people crying about bombs overseas cared at all until they could use them as a backdrop to whine about this getting attention.


Edit: I should add that it's true that there's a higher "moral responsibility" for us to care about what's happening overseas because our country is responsible (Iraq) or has the ability to provide aid (Syria). But considering Boston (more Cambridge, but still) is one of the most liberal pockets in the entire country, you can bet that a lot of people affected by this actually do care.

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RIP to the three lost lives.

prayers go out to those injured.


i hate to admit this but i was at the gym running on a treadmill when this happened, and i was listening to that system of a down song called "boom" on my ipod (dont judge, rock music helps me get through my cardio). breaking news came on and i felt bad.

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Personally, I had a stronger reaction to see people in Boston get blown up than other people, I'm not ashamed.

I know were all equal as human beings and all that and I should feel just as bad when it happens to other people.

That said, when I hear of some kid dying, or seen that dude with no leg meat rolling, my fucking blood started to boil.

They just remind me of people I might know, I can relate to them easier, fuck anyone who can't wrap their minds around that.


Right, you're more familiar with Boston. And you've seen much, much more images from that bombing than the one on Monday in the Afghanistan province of Zabul that killed seven members of a family and wounded four more. Or the one today in Herat that also killed seven.





Because people like to twist things around, let me be clear on what I'm saying.

The reason people feel more strongly with the Boston bombing is directly due to the gigantic amount of media attention it's getting.

This isn't my opinion, this is just how things work. But hey, we've all read Chomsky, right?


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Mercer nothing wrong with feeling that way it's normal. I understand and agree with you, that shit happened not far from where I grew up, a friend of mine was near the first bomb and escaped physically unharmed, sadly I found out some of my peoples were friends with one of the people who died and are dealing with that. Yeah it hits close to home, it's something that I feel for more then someone dying in some country I've never been to and know nothing about.

At the same time, humans have a innate respect for life as evidenced by our death rituals, and for me or anyone to dismiss similar things happening anywhere else in the world as any less meaningful is to ignore something that makes us innately human. Yes we "feel" more for something that we are closer connected to, but understanding that we should have those same feelings regardless of where and to who these things happen is something needs to be said.

You have people who will cry over this and decide to do something and that something might be equally as horrific but in some flawed logic the public perception is that it is ok since it is done to people who are not like us and alien from our culture and norms.

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I absolutely agree with Mercer's deleted post, but vfor isn't completely wrong.


We forget about foreign atrocity much quicker than we do local atrocity due to media coverage, but it hits home with you initially because it is local. You have a much quicker tendency to react as its entirely possible that people you know or are related to were directly affected by it, whereas some factory fire or drone murder in BFE probably doesn't affect anyone within 7degrees of your entire life.


Pretending that you're so zen that all loss of life affects you equally is delusional.

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Ha, I deleted that and still got called out on it.

I still stand by it though, and don't think it's 100% due to the media coverage of it.

It's just easier for me to relate to somone from Boston than Zabul.


al-jazeera came free on my cable bundle.

i never watch that shit.

cnn yes.


so i guess i agree with you.

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They just said on Fox that both suspects were wearing dark clothing, black/bluish. One was wearing a white hat, and a bag that one of them was carrying possibly had an obvious protrusion for the top of the pressure cooker. A little while ago I heard that Fox News just basically confirmed that the pictures that were given to the police today were photos of those two guys (white hat and blue jacket)


So it's progressed from asking the public to identify those guys to distributing photos to law enforcement. I'm not sure if that transition is meaningful or not





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