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Boston Marathon


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Shits hectic. Everyone i talked to and know of is acounted for and ok which im very glad to hear. As of now theres 3 dead, 144 injured and it seems to have been going up a little bit every half hour to a hour. Theyve amputated many limbs and a lot of people are in critical condition, ive heard rumor they expect some to get worse.. But theres a lot of rumors and hearsay, so hopefully its untrue and hopefully the pull through. Horrible shit.


RIP to those that died.

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planting a bomb amongst the spectators makes it pretty clear this was someone going for maximum terror and casualties.

america has escaped this sort of thing for a long time, obv except for 9.11.. i wonder if that's over?


kinda surprised no one is taking responsibility

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The doctors are finding ball bearings and nails and shit in the legs of the victims. Whoever made this bomb definitely wanted maximum carnage and shock effect.


And apparently (so I hear) the cops are saying the guy on the roof was an officer of some sort.


I think it is someone who is pissed of about this gun control issue in the US, and is showing the public that making guns harder to acquire will NOT change violence. Crazy fuckers can cause damage however they decide to, guns are just easier.

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I'm thinking homegrown lone wolf...but who knows...


I agree, I'm not trying to belittle the situation, but I think a foreign attack would've gone for something much bigger than a marathon.


My friend in Boston said they are pulling ball bearings out of people? I guess the bombs were made to propel shrapnel.


Anyone know if a suspect is in custody?




Edit :I didn't see redeyedanimal's post about the ball bearings.

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