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Boston Marathon


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How come people/cops suppose it's just those two fuckers and there's no network or other members?

I suppose any dumbass can just master the art of pipe bombs out of the blue and pull some rambo shit angains million cops for a week?


What makes you think they aren't investigating others affiliated with those two?

For the next year there's gonna be surveillance on everyone they've talked to in the last three months.

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The liberals are coming out.


Am I the only one finding the celebrations in the streets to be not only strange, but disturbing?


I'm irked by the celebrations, most likely, because notions of a police state disturb me more than anything, and what I've seen in the last 3 days is the federal government and its constituents flexing muscles. Does that make sense?


In an ideal world, I would feel comfortable with celebrating the success of the police and FBI, but given how much police brutality and violation of human rights there have been because of terrorism and xenophobia, it makes me a bit uneasy.
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I don't. All things considered, I actually think the police handled it quite well and not everything is the start of 1984, which is what they are suggesting.


Stepping outside to greet your neighbors, grab a beer, and high five a cop after a stressful couple of days is a perfectly reasonable thing to expect. But you know. Opinions man.

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