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I'm visiting SF this weekend. fuck wit ya boy


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Lots of strip clubs in the tenderloin which is not far from where you are staying. Mission has good mexican food. Tenderloin has lots of moderately priced hookers. Not sure where the best burger in the city is, can recommend some other good spots if you want different kinds of food.

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Oh I would advise going to golden gate park on saturday for the experience, massive influx of people smoking weed, drinking etc, usually a decent party if you have nothing else to do. Also if you are into electronic music hit me up on the PM tip and I can let you know about some shows going on in the bay area friday/saturday.

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Not in the Mission but Tommy's Joynt on Van Ness and Geary has good American food. El Farolito (see above), Cancun (19th and Mission) and Pancho Villa (16th between Valencia and Mission) are all decent Mexican spots. Jay's Cheesesteak and Serrano Pizza on 21st off Valencia near Lexington do what they do well (don't get the jalapeno poppers at Jay's, though). Ike's and Love and Haight for sandwiches. Kind of out of the loop for bars but my spots were Benders on South Van Ness, Amnesia and Zeitgeist on Valencia, and the Tempest on Natoma (near 5th and Howard.)


As far as hookers go, you're on your own. They aren't hard to find though.

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You know, you're right...the Cheesesteak shop on Divisadero and Post is way better. I think Jay's is hit or miss, usually they do it right but I've had a couple bad experiences there.


Spy, skip Jay's check out the Divis spot.

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