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Also, any "breakfast places" close too fucking early for any real drinker to ever really frequent. Unless they're drinking till 10 in the morning. But if they're in the habit of drinking till 10 in the morning they'd probably have a hard time holding a job therefore wouldn't have the funds to frequent breakfast spots to begin with.


These are generally open 'till 3-4pm, and they generally cater to fresh-out-of-college 20somethings.

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Hockey Town Cafe

Detroit Tigers Game

Gratiot on the weekend


Jefferson Fwy Viaducts

Paint Palace


Warren Road or Hamtramack and eat Polish Food

Go to Dearborn hit a Haji in the face


Stay out of Greek Town

Dollys Pizza, or Jets Pizza


Burn down a house while drinking Old English and hanging with the crew


wait that's my to do list when i go home next time

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yo real spit if you want to experience detroit, on a non graf tip, hit deathbed up he knows his shit. other than that, if you want to do some real dumb shit, bring a point a click camera. there a spot my brother tom1atmrip and I know of where you can get 2 dollar rocks and a dollar handjob. use to be the 1.50 handjob spot. I don't know what's up with the new prices. great pictures for 4 dollars. you can smoke the crack if you want. I just buy some gnarly prostitutes crack for pictures. best 4 dollars spent in this city, imo. I am actually going to start a thread sooner or later with all the flicks or it aint happen. but, got a lot of shit going on.


real spit though, pm dethbed and prostitutes, I know a lot of grimy people.


where is this thread?


jus wonderin

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Dont forget the .25 cent peeo shows all over the hoods.


I hate greek town and the people who go he there. Dope casinos are over the bridge in Windsor.

There's alot to do in Detroit. Everytime I go home I spend more time hitting up all the new joints. If youre on a graff tip hit me up ill put you in contact with my homies. Sorry i am a little late,

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how did I miss this thread?


anyone ever come to detroit, pm me no homo. I don't care if we hate each other.


death, drugs, whores, avoiding death, we (I) have fun.


always down to show out of town niggas the good old east side. 7 misssssssssle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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for real though, their are a lot of cats to get at in detroit. don't pm me if you like to avoid beef, getting shot at, or having to look over your shoulder constantly. it makes you unpredictable, which in return makes for good times. get at me!

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welcome to fentanol country, most broke city in the cuntry, some of the best dope in the world, or so I am told. I never did the shit, but I sure the fuck lost my fair share of niggas, as most of us have.


do a fucking tester if you ain't from Detroit, and you shoot dope, real fucking spit.



rip dead niggas.

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I go to the Detroit area once a year to visit the wife's inlaws.

That whole area is depressing as shit, and I don't like her family either.


The only reason I get excited is to go to my yearly Michigan Game & tailgate with my Wife's Alumni friends. The rest of the time I drink to forget. (& FUCK CANADIAN BEER!)



Wal-verine oner.

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