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Hi -


I am going to Detroit for the first time ever in June on a business trip. I'll be there for about a week. What should I do? Where should I go? What should I eat? Never been there.


Totally down to walk anywhere and take pictures. Any particular neighborhoods I should do that in?

Also looking for record shops.


Is the J Dilla plaque up yet?






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Generic detroit experience. Maybe hit up Slows BBQ down Michigan Ave a little ways from downtown. Its right across from the trainstation. Pretty hard to miss the trainstation. There are plenty of bars thru midtown and downtown, casinos and shit. Go drink on Belle Isle. . Havent been in the Dequinder cut in years, never actually called it that either but you can see some rap letters down there too. If its nice and your around on a Saturday go to eastern market around lunch. Maybe its sunday. Dont remember. I rode up Grand River Avenue the other day and for quite a ways pretty much every possible surface is coated in murals, not sure if they were legal, not sure it even matters anymore. Thats about it. Detroit isn not at all walkable and the public transportation is for shit.

If you go north on Woodward and outside city limits between Ferndale, Royal Oak there are some bars, shops, and restaurants. Between 9 mile and 11 mile. To get to Royal Oak its Woodward to I696 freeway and down mainstreet a mile or so.

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Tourism wise, it's kinda limited... Don't get me wrong, there's a ton of shit to do, but, most people will try to get you to go outside of the city...


-Drink a beer/burn one on Belle Isle, facing Downtown

-The Motown Museum if you're into that sort of thing...

-walk or rent a bike and ride down the river walk

-There's casinos downtown, but they're lame.

-If you're here on a weekend, I HIGHLY suggest an early morning saturday trip to the eastern market, there's tons of people, quite a few good restaurants (Cutters is the SPOT) and there's quite a bit of good graff to oggle.


speaking of "graff tourism"


if you're into the biking thing, my homie from Bikes and Murder does "tours" which is much easier than roaming around.


But, if you're into the whole "roaming/exploring" thing... there's TONS of buildings and long main roads that are pretty grilled...


Gratiot (pronounced gra-shit), Grand River, Livernois, Milwaukee, Trumbull, Mt. Elliot, 7 mile, Michigan Avenue, Warren, and Mack... The Packard Plant, and Fisher Body...


Quite a few of the out of towners I've encountered here seem to have to get through a day or two of staring/gawking at crazy hood shit. Downtown/midtown, is relatively small, there's quite a bit of neighborhoods that sprawl outwards, and according to most of my "out of town" acquaintances it's crazy looking "holy fuck where are we" shit all the way up to each border of the city. Being from here, i'm used to it, it always surprises me when someone gets all weirded out, but every time, it happens.


Bar wise, you're asking the wrong guy, but, most people really like Honest Johns, (their bathroom is instagram famous for being super covered in rap letters) I like the Comet, The Old Miami, The Painted lady, The Whiskey in the Jar, Majestic bar, and if you've got a couple bucks to blow, Centaur and Cliff Bells.


Food wise, depending on your tastes.... it's a tough call.


Southwest Detroit has a strong mexican population, Evies Tamales, Mi Pueblo, and the grocery store/taco stand by Vinewood and Vernor would be my suggestions for that end...


Downtown has a bunch of garbage, I'd just avoid it completely. Besides Al's paradise cafe (if you're vegetarian) and two good Coney spots, (Lafayette is the real spot if you ask me) there's nothing exceptional about downtown dining. And also, fuck everything in corktown (slows, mercury bar, and green dot stables) every city has hipster shithead dining, that's not a detroit experience.


Cadieux Cafe is the shit, if you like giant buckets of delicious mussels, tons of beer, music, and feather bowling.


Be sure to drink a Faygo Rock'n'Rye, and most importantly, have a blast, it's not all doom and gloom, and you DON'T have to leave the city for fun.

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