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Judge Judy's Son Employed a child raping illegal immigrant

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Which in and of it self is pretty bad. You add the fact that he is the DA (Adam Levy ®) for Putnam county NY, probably one of the most conservative counties in NY (second county up from the BX)you have a recipe for a story that could go national real quick. The first few comments are golden.


A little background; the link below is to LowHud.com (Lower Hudson Valley) This is the paper that published all the gun owners in NYs addresses and names a few months ago. Putnam county is the only county in NY that didn't comply with the FOIA request and refused to give the info of the permit holders. USA, USA, USA







Alexandru Hossu, 35, Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy's live-in personal trainer has been charged with forcibly and violently raping a 12-year-old girl, authorities confirmed Thursday. / Putnam County Sheriff's Department

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SOUTHEAST — Putnam County District Attorney Adam Levy’s former live-in personal trainer has been charged with “forcibly and violently” raping a 12-year-old girl twice, authorities confirmed Thursday.


Alexandru Hossu, 35, an illegal immigrant from Romania, was arrested at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday and arraigned in Patterson Justice Court on two counts of first-degree rape, a class B felony.


Houssu lived in the district attorney’s home on Indian Wells Road in Southeast until about six months ago, Levy’s office said.


The criminal complaint alleged that Hossu forcibly raped the victim twice between 7 and 10 p.m. on Oct. 24, 2010, when she was 12.


“(Hossu) did place his hand on the victim’s neck and squeeze, then pulled her down onto the bed,” stated the felony complaint from the Putnam Sheriff’s Office. “The defendant did forcibly engage in sexual intercourse without the victim’s implied consent.”


The case came to the attention of authorities recently, after the victim reported the alleged rape to a school counselor, the Putnam Sheriff’s Office said. The victim, who is now 15, and Hossu “reportedly knew each other,” office stated.


“This was a vicious crime committed against a little girl,” Sheriff Donald B. Smith said.


The alleged rape occurred in Southeast, but not at Levy’s home, his office said, adding that his 15-year-old daughter was not the victim.


Levy did not immediately respond to The Journal News’ questions about he knew Hossu was an illegal immigrant.


Levy, 44, is the son of Judy Sheindlin, also known as the TV personality, Judge Judy. He was elected in 2007 after he ran unopposed. He replaced Kevin Wright, who had been the county’s top prosecutor for two decades.


When elected, Levy said his top priorities for Putnam were the prosecution of drunken drivers and cases involving child abuse, sexual assault and domestic violence.


Hossu is being held on $50,000 cash or $100,00 bond at the Putnam County Jail in Carmel. He’s due in Southeast town court on April 2.


Hossu is a Romanian national, in the country illegally. He entered the country on a temporary work visa that expired about 12 years ago. A federal detainer has been placed on him.


He reportedly has been working in Putnam as a personal fitness trainer for several years, the sheriff’s office stated.


A receptionist at Gold’s Gym in Pawling confirmed that Hossu works there as a personal trainer, but could not recall when she last saw him there.


The Westchester District Attorney’s Office will prosecute the case in Putnam.


Levy “requested that the Westchester county district attorney’s office handle this case owing to the fact that Mr. Levy knew the person arrested. Beyond that, we have no further comment,” said Laurie Mainey, Levy’s administrative assistant.


Levy practiced law in Carmel and was president of the Putnam County Bar Association. He was also an assistant district attorney in Suffolk County.

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See I don't like news reports like this, they're far too conclusory. No one is reading that article or the subsequent one written by the paper and coming away with anything other than this Hossu guy is a rapist and an illegal immigrant who worked for the DA. I mean sure, maybe he did rape that girl, but she reports it 2 1/2 years later and immediately the guy has been sentenced to death online because he happens to work for the DA as a personal trainer. If Hossu were some no name trainer at a gym w/ no high profile clients, this wouldn't even be a news story and the trial, if there even were one, would go off w/o a hitch in favor of one or the other w/o ever making so much as a blip on anyone's radar save for those involved. Now, just because this guy works for the DA, he's got a high dollar attorney and press coverage damning him as a violent rapist. Get ready for the shitstorm when he's found not guilty, you'll probably really have to dig for that article though when it comes out.

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If it bleeds it leads when it comes to media coverage in america. Either way if the media makes a big deal about this or not the guy who did it is going to burn in hell

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First; I really appreciate your screen name , second your right. Mostly I hate Levey but the nam county sherifs are HUGE SCUMBAGS (phYsacally & figuritivly). really just awful people as cops & human beings. I jumped the gun in hopes of levy going down

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