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took a graduate class this semester so i guess i qualify as a spring breaker.

first time for that. and way too old for any of that bullshit.

i was glad that we stayed in a nice place and saw no college kids until we got to the airport.


it was also a really short trip so i don't have lots of photos.




the sunrise





resort beach





chichen itza






temple of the warriors

chichen itza

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Cool, did you see any political graffiti?


barely saw any graffiti at all.

i saw a crudely painted cupcake in a parking lot.

i also saw where people had turned 'se vende' into a buncha masonic symbols.

that was about it

we were pleasantly surprised by how little trash and crap we saw.



damn a bar got seriously shot up down there last week, it was some local shit but i heard cancun is starting to go bad


seemed absolutely fine to us

we went to cancun town/city as well, not exactly close to the beach and we weren't intimidated

when my boss was there in december with her fam, they were warned about a shootout that had occurred in that neighborhood the previous day so they decided to leave but they had no issues either


wheres the diarrhea at ?


i drank the water, brushed my teeth.

the airport water says 'no potable' but otherwise it was ok.

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thanks for the compliments


and yeah, Mexico seemed cool. i'd go back even with their problems

i liked the people too.


we almost ran out of gas on the way to chichen itza, pretty unusual for us to get into a hairy situation bc we're experienced but we were not expecting no gas in 150 km.

anyway we made it. i had to bribe a cop too. we were at a toll and they wanted to see our rental contract, but the car had no glove box and i'd just stuck it in my bag, which i did not have with me.

the cop was kinda laughing, saying 'problemo' and shit. finally i pulled out a $20 and handed it over and he said buenos dias.


otherwise, pretty standard carribbean stuff in cancun, for sure.

i was offered pot but didn't buy.


i think i'd try out mexico city next time.

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and tolls are crazy expensive, we spent about $75 on em.

they do accept american dollars, and do expect to get shafted on change if you have to pay that way (we paid one toll that way, should've gotten about 1000 pesos back, got 50.)


still thought it was worth it.

it would've been awesome to be there at night

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we saw a preview for harmony korine's new movie right before we went down

so i could not stop laughing about


spriiiinnggg brrreeeeeaaaaakkkkkk









we also saw a dope little shack next to our hotel.. looked like the lone holdout from the hotel zone takeover of the strip. i'll try to post a pic later.

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great thread, great movie. long overdue, didnt really contect with it as a kid but it was like a mushroom for me. i eat them now, hated them as a youth.


my favorite scene is when steve guttenburgh has the epic cameo character playing himsefl, ala steve "the heeb" guttenburgh shit was ace. i also remember abunch old people in a scene nearling the end where they all had hardons and couldnt beileive it.


at first so shoked they could barebly move.


then it hit them and then they ran off like hyperactive school chidren looking to find the rope swing next to the capri creaks rope swing again like they just got back part of there youth.


interesting dynamic to say the leas but best-sene-ever and right fully so as it is what the movie was written about, climaxed into and erupts like a blue balled inmate sitting like 2 inches from wihin handjobs release due to no table seating in all common area visiting leaizon areas asigned for interaction rights the felons had with the loved ones and resquesteds. i diressed but when the blueballed senior cistizen in human decency statisifaction starts to feel his dick wotk. and not just like twitch but rather start to tense further and further while slowly expanding like a macys day parade ballon float until is dick was not somewhat of an ammusment tyoe toy for the local inmate childrean as they would climb it and hang from it frrly swayin back in forth like a jumble gym.


iy was an amazing awakaning. and he felt the whole body happy up and what to funtion. play basketball, play football. they didnt have a hockey team aroud but he would have mad an amazingmascot.


but as his confidence grew and his cocoon shed he began t gain confindence and start feeling more libe. more youthful. almost as if the massive multiporposed prized pee he had marching in front of him where ever he went. he began feeling loney. and somewhat freakish like the elephant man or that gir that jack nicholson poured oisin on her face as an "art" project je felt abnormal.


and ge also felt, pent up. needing.


poor guy slipped into a depression. no woman would want to tak on that freakish sized carni like cock. joined an online dating club for women with over 7 children. none of which c-sectioned by code of site.


but it wasnt good enough


he needed anouthrt aliean cannoo to show up, ans have then counter the mail penal part project onto a woman. not in order tranulate a testcle infused vuvla bead strictly for cocmetcs and nit suitabuility but ratger a vull blown vagina large enough to satisfy steven guti's throbing purp.


honestly i rarely can add thru an entutre titile to crediys inna theater this one hit some kind of netve. i had emotion i had care ans i had connection to the characters.


great movie, great cast, fantastic writing and if these beurcrats at the acadaemy somehow justify keping it off grammy grid i hope to gor banksy comes back and sends a messagw like nobody else could.


corporate amera and its dictatorship will soon outnumbered, outsmarted and out done by a fictional based on a truve story movie about another masterpiece yet to b written but brainstormed as i type about the absolut ethe disreguard and subsquent demize of what was once such a great country and how the frut flys imported from inodebnsian fruit carrei a strain of a rare didease that attatcks the facial skeletal makeuo do to its slightlycartiledge like plyable addition ingrediendt to the bones we as human call erections.


circle of tryfe my obediant readers, circle of tryfe.


learn your own medicines and all this could have been prevented. it too me 7 times before replacing a female pelvis into an australian scientific gene strengthened kangaringo actually healed over.


not to tip my hat to much and plant my foot in someone ill hires mouth but we have a 6 story altergreation unit in berkley california where 17 adult women all diagnosed with adhd and character exceeding happy demeanures have surgical altered with there on vaginal are removed ad immediatly replaced onto and there facial lips. teeth have then been removed but replaced as finglernails so as food may still be broken down enough to swallow orally and be extracted of nutriend via stomach.


there has also been much debate over reconstructing the bile producing/pushing organs out of the bottom area and actually running down one of two legs where the two waste exit areas located to be via big toe for urinal dishcharge and heel for fecal matter.


idea being a much more efficient, in often cases attractive but also what we areseeing is an absolute and overwhelming reviewd/loved/thankded the now multiple opitioned methods of having the SHUTHEFUCKUP and blowjobs finally reinvented as to what they really are, a wet sloppy whole you can grab ont the back of and force further length to be satisfyied all the while completely removing any possibly sensuality the tree hugginh hairy crotched borderline lesbian will try and shreak something perhaps like "strength in women and equal prominence, arrest and castrate male dominance.

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Been there twice in the last two years.

Your pics make me want to go back real bad.

Love the beaches and the tourist nightlife.

Young chicks get weird and make poor decisions, I don't mind being a regret.

Always a blast though.

The weed is garbage but that's to be expected I guess.

Would go again/10

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Congrats on your schooling! Stay climbing up that ladder of success homegirl!



I'm so terrified of leaving the US and having to deal with customs that for the next 8 years will consist of interstate travels rather then on international scale.


I got helmed up by customs entering the states last year that almost had me in on a deportation list. Until I get lawyer'd up my ass stays put in the good ole us of a.


any more flicks?

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mm. customs are assholes generally, but i wouldn't let them stop me from travelling.


aussie customs wasn't bad.



i have more flicks but yknow, same ol thing.


i'd go again, fo sho

but i like to branch out and see the carribbean. might do grand cayman next

if we go back to mexico i might try Tulum

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Last time I was in Cancun my girl and I randomly met a friend of a friend that did fishing tours and etc.


Long story short, dude takes us out into the middle of nowhere to this island and drops us off for the day. After being there like 6 hours we started to get worried he left us.

Finally guy pops out of nowhere and makes us swim out to the boat while throwing beers at us, making us drink them before we get back on board. Got drunk as hell, drove the boat around and made it back in time for a bad ass dinner.



From watchtower. Only a few scientists stay there part of the year, no fresh water..



Anyways, rooms were nice, food was good. Three things that make a vacation for me:


Patio, hammock and beer.



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