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pay back is a bitch


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Hahahaha, yeah, all us head chef's work fifteen hours a day, but he's having some days off, so what is he working? 17/18 hours a day? What a crock of shit. Lying cunt.


Actually I would go a month in a half at a time without a day off sometimes more. You don't have to believe me I don't know you I don't give a fuck.

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You're full of shit, it's pretty obvious. I don't know what a month 'in a half' is, but I'm guessing you're shooting for a month AND a half?


Either way, props to you for working 2500 concurrent hours without a day off. Maybe you should pay up to be a premium account member if you're making $75000 every six weeks.

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I didn't have much time worked like a 100 a week with no days off forever.


"Like 100" some weeks I worked over, some I worked right at, and some I worked under. I never said solid 100 at anytime. Unfortunately I was a salaried employee so I didn't make shit for the hours I put in.


I developed serious mental shit from the long hours, lack of sleep, and stress so I left that position after about 9 months or so.

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I've done 100+ hour weeks in restaurants before. I know tons of people who have. However, it goes at most for 2-3 weeks during the holiday season. If its the norm you work for fucking morons and are a moron yourself for working there, salaried or waged.


A good friend of mine worked at the Philly Ritz and the head chef was bringing the crew coke to get through their shifts.


I'm so fucking glad I don't work in that industry any more.

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Im all for pulling people's cards, but can we not tar and feather the few people who are still on here?


Dude moved to Alaska to work alot of hours...he's soning himself enough as it is.


As for all the chef shit, I do want to learn how to cook so I can have one more trick up my sleeve for the cooze but fuck ever making a profession in the food industry.


I guess owning a resturant woulnd't be so bad, but im not washing dishes or catering to anybody.

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One of my first kitchen gigs was dishwasher/prep bitch and I've worked up through sous chef.


Dishwashing is miserable in its own right, but each position in the brigade sucks in different ways. Compared to being in the weeds during a busy dinner turn as line cook or saucier, sometimes dishwasher is a bit relaxing. (Not to say those mexicans don't earn every fucking dollar they get under the table)

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