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The rise of crime in cyberspace makes us aware of the importance of extra law in cyberspace.


The virtual world makes wide-open horizons but also a gap for the crime, online fraud, kidnapping, rape to human trafficking.

as reported merdeka.com http://m.merdeka.com/peristiwa/polis...an-online.html

that the police had arrested many suspects allegedly that involving by many foreigners. We need to thumbs-up to all the Indonesian, Taiwan and China Police for all their efforts.

It has also been reported internationally as http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2...syndicate.html


Fraud is reminiscent of another crime that is enough to make stunned but unfortunately not exploited on a large, perhaps because the legal bureaucracy in Indonesia are poorly enforced. No doubt that the law in Indonesia is quite strong, but the lack of the application of the law that creates a delay in treatment.


A few months ago when i was in Washington a source told me his experienced about crime from a game through online, its a syndicates organisation. They started from the site dating sites on the internet. A woman named Aprilia Dewi (pimp) trapped womens who had foreigner partner, if the man were less faithful to their partnersand they were using online dating sites for cheating. This reasons were used by the pimps to recruit those “broken hearts” women become their nightmare. Everything turn into physically abusing until change these woman to be “slave”. The pimp never worked by herself she worked with a syndicate of various countries, such as Andrew from Australia, Nam Ha Matsushita from Japan and Mark from UK. Several others are also involving but it’s hard to unfold. They terrorized the couples through email, sms or messenger, humiliated them in front of family and friends, kidnap, and hurt them. The fact that this syndicate always have “high level” people for back up such as Government, Immigration and Embassies.


Another source in Guang Zhou said when the pimp get caught by October 2012 most of the victims are Asian from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand etc. One similarity between these victims they are having foreigners partner and they were cheated behind these girls. One of the victims came from the Philippine finally with her fiance named Paul from New York that decided to move to Texas because from the situation she have HIV at the moment.


From Dewi’s mouth so many information that Police got about cybercrime syndicate, that was so helpful when finally Indonesian police caught many suspects in Bali, Medan and Jakarta and it was also involving China and Taiwan Police. But Dewi realesed a week ago because not enough evidence to put her into gail. This is a lesson for everybody that this syndicate might get more and more victims but we can avoid that happen with helping police to find them and be wise with cyber world.

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