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going all country.

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Been doing a lot of traveling the states over the past few years, and I've seen some writers almost everywhere I go. Just wanted to make a thread to talk about dudes or dudettes that get up on the go. Interested in what goes on living that lifestyle...and how some can pull this off. Would love to hear some stories, differences between cities, crazy people met, crazy things seen, modes of travel, etc. etc. Share any interesting tales of adventures!


Who do you see all over?

I've noticed these heads multiple times thousands of miles away from each other...


Old Crow

Read More

Spring Break


Eye and Wyse D30

Nietz TAF

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Love it. I traveled the country last summer, but didn't meet any writers. Saw stuff from Swampy D, Reader, Whistle Blower, Crime21, Evade, Old Crow. These people all ride freight and most of the time I only see handstyles, with the exception of Swampy and Reader.

I was following some other freight riders Yele, Scabs, Salty Dog, LPV from Portland, Maine, through Boston and Worchester, then Cleaveland.

Malvo was in almost every city I saw. Erupto is obviously quite the road tripper.

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niets..that dude is a smasher. went to chicago over the weekend..saw him in the streets, on the lines...then i come home get out of my car and hes up again.


wyse is making his rounds for sure. i see him in cutty spots, airports...popular venues...


jaber has been a smasher.


ender gets around quite a bit.


harsh d30 book man you go girl red fox pear kuma plant trees



i respect the desire to travel, i respect the drive of these people to want to be up...and pushing the limits on making a name for themselves. there is an odd satisfying feeling when you are somewhere that you wouldnt imagine would have any graffiti, and next thing you know you see one of the dudes mentioned above. keep it up! its motivating.

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I've seen Eruptoe 327 in almost every city I've been to. Kids DAC (RIP) Malvo, Reader, Twist, Ich, Jesse DAC Eye are a few that come to mind.


Some are doing it by freight, Greyhound, simply driving... But interestingly I've met and heard of some of these guys having gigs setting up shows or festivals and whatnot, possibly touring the nation for their job and getting ups while in towns. Which is still rad

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I know or have met most of those people...seems like we know a lot of the same folks. Aside from that all I can say is that it takes years and it usually isn't done for recognition.

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i guess you do and you don't....i mean at some point you're going to need money. Some people can get by on that crust punx steez hoppin' and dumpster diving. I wouldn't be able to do it with no loot.


on my recent travels I've been seeing these heads getting around:


oze 108 and gen II



Soduh and CQ


whistle blower

Jaber Mine and Fword


props to all that are doin' it on the move, and doin' it well. It's amazing to go to a place that I've never been before, and see something familiar.

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detroit. I don't ever leave, but obviously these niggas don't want to either, super smash....


purge uc.

kuma, and false, especially kuma over the years.

NIETS! nigga smashes to hard.

2dx cats, tom246, soduh.

just a few that I notice, but if I had to think for more than 10 seconds. you get the idea. detroit is stupid fucking smashed.

shock. I could fucking go on forever. I'd say outside of this cities local heavy hitters, niets is by far my fav shit. that nigga covers a lot of fucking ground.

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