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Max Gelman story. NYPD watches as man fights off Gelman then takes credit for arrest

Crocodile Tears

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I'm not sure if "pigfags" was me or not, I distinctly remember using "pigcopfaggots" on multiple occasions, but homie was always more for the brevity than I, so it might be his.




P. sure he don't even lurk on here anymore or acknowledge the use of the internet. :(

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You guys post in a discussion thread and then berate anyone who says something that you think contradicts your own childish views. Oddly enough, I never offerred my opinion about the incident but if you look at my terminology it can be inferred that I agree with you in regards to how reprehensible it was.


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This was hilarious, but how the fuck did you find this I posted it months and months ago probably in september.


Croc, I don't think it had already been established that the video you posted misrepresented/mischaracterized the issue before the court. Nor do I think anything specific about the court case or his attorney had been mentioned here.




Really? Misrepresented you say? Mischaracterized you say?

I've gone from thinking you're a silly ass to seeing you're vantage point is completely skewed. You haven't a clue whats going on. You claims of understanding what is being represented here are erroneous, You are hereby banished you back to the woodwork.




Fucking mams doesn't have to post for months and months and drops one gem to make up for it. I must have laughed for 5 solid minutes.










I wish you nerds would stop focusing on this herb, the cops actions are what is more criminal then anything this idiot did.

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Incognito, normally I would lean towards agreeing with you, but this guy was a piece of shit. I seem to remember quite a few people were happy he got popped, including some who actually knew him IRL.


This bowl of pasta and glass of cold water for da dead homie System.

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"A former Los Angeles cop with military training vowed war against other men in blue Thursday, leaving one officer dead days after he allegedly killed two other people to begin a wave of retribution for being fired, police said.


Jittery police searched a huge swath of Southern California, from San Diego to Los Angeles to Riverside to Big Bear, looking for any sign of Christopher Jordan Dorner.


He's a 270-pound former Navy lieutenant professing his venom against LAPD officers he claimed ruined his life by forcing him out of his dream job, then threatened them, their families and, in fact, any other police officer in any locale."

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