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Yo, does anyone get banned anymore?


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I agree that making a thread and causing a scene is a little over the top when a quite e-snitch Pm could have been sent. what a bitch move.


Yes the forum is in shambles but at least Mercer and Symbols have the dignity to not let the forum go out in a flame of deformed clits, horse porn and disgusting murder .GIFs.

Im sure thats not what Raven had in mind when he started this site. If you want to see that shit go somewhere else. The only ting it will do is attract more shitty "shock" users and push the few other out the door who dont want to see that shit. It isnt hard to comprehend why those members where banned. There has to be a little bit of control around here or else it will turn into a child porn/ poop milkshake death by 40 bottle up the ass site. Bitch and complain all you want.. its like youre damned if you do and damned if you dont.

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So, because one irresponsible dildo looks at an obviously nsfw thread, at work, and cries about it, now those of us with senses of humor get punished?


Fuck OP, stop looking at bullshit at work, this isn't the posters issue, it's the viewers issue, don't look at bullshit if you know you shouldn't.. That's like buying a rap cd, then blaring it at work, then complaining to the record company that there's swear words in it.


Start a "no ladies allowed/assholes of the Internet/horrible things thread" I would be on that shit ALL DAY, me and lambmeet laughing at bisected penis' and people ran over by semi-trucks.

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nsfbm......nigga you trippin son. smh. only reason i ain't been arounds cause i'm on the road.

fucking it up for the few rest of us. how fucking long you been in this bitch???! you know damn well

the nonsense thread is only a barely edited for television version of orry. come the fuck on son.


Nurga, you dumb. Nonsense thread has and always will be not even remotely safe for work.




Sad thing is he is actually right... this time.


troof. dao hath spoketh real talk.




r.i.p. gacy.....annnnd glen?? christ. this place is on fucking life support. hope some poor bastard doesnt pull the plug before i get back to shit ass new england with no job and no place to spend countless hours anymore.

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For you guys at work who look at graffiti forums, I would be as worried looking at illegal shit as looking at gross shit...


Or I guess what I'm asking is does your boss wonder why you look at graffiti sites? I guess if you do graphic design or some art jobs it could be used as reference, but I'm assuming a job cool with 12oz wouldn't be too shocked if some kid slipped a porn gif or whatever in.


I could see IT or programming jobs being pissed if you were at an art site at work though

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Seriously, people who get off on looking at stretched cocks and brutal shit have gotta be like 15 years old (and/or never traveled much further than their own little suburb). I mean, yeah, we all saw ogrish, rotten and steak and cheese ten years back and got over it all 9 years and 11 months ago. Shit's played, boring and pointless now.


so in short, Glen Benton, go play with all the other 15 year olds and pedos on sites created for that shit, or at least create a dedicated thread for it because it's pretty clear the majority aren't interested in that shit.



@NMSBFAN - really? You read sites like this during work AND look at threads like nonsense and expect everything to be cool??! I'm thinking you need to reassess, dude. Outcome and consequences seem pretty foreseeable to me.



* Posted during my break from my personal computer. I'm normally way too busy to read this crap whilst I'm working.

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I'm designer br0 it's all cool...


On a side note is CS's 24hrs up...?


In the nonsense thread when he was posting all that feminist shit, chasing the rant about the lady that got pissed off because some bloke was willing to give up his seat on the bus.

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