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sandy hook (conspiracy)


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Your screen name fits you well.


How so?


The AR-15 never left the trunk of the car, this has been confirmed.


You're on thin ice br0, pretty much anyone who calls a spade a spade when it comes to crap like this is considered a "troll" in Crossfire...


A spade a spade. Right. No the problem isn't calling things out, it is the crying when it is done back to you in the same manner.


Also 90% of the posts in this section are now trolls. No contribution to the thread or insight involved. Just "calling spades a spade". Exit stage right.

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I don't know shit about gun laws. But why would banning assault rifles lesson the liklyhood of crazy people doing crazy shit. The guy could have walked in there with a box full of molotove cocktails. Does that mean we should ban gas? Legislation won't deter you from commiting crimes if your a psychopath

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^^ Also note that the grass is green behind him

But at the end of the 100% proof video you can see snow on the ground

and he was believed to lived walking distance from the school.








SANDY HOOK : An Inquisitive Couple's Visit to Newtown, Connecticut



100% Proof Sandy Hook Shooting Was a Hoax - Hollywood Green Screen


9-11 as an inside job.

Sandy Hook is a hoax..

Don't trust the government....

The media lies.

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Smoke weed everyday. Well that is just dumb.

My girl has all the weed......... I don't fuck with it.

I live in Connecticut............

People say that something happened

But that shit is pure propaganda

I believe that They made this happen.

Like 9 - 11

And I saw that someone stole my post and put it in the nonsense thread.

I hope yall don't think I'm wrong.

Because if you do I fell sorry for you


.Don't trust the government....

9-11 was an inside job.


Don't trust the government....

The media lies.


Have a good life..........

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I love the picture of Obama at 1:28

Is that not Emily Parker?




Oh wait it was photoshopped!! That's it

Or that picture was taken before the shooting just for fun..



Suzanne Collins lives in Newtown and wrote a book about sacrificing children.

What an unbelievable coincident..........

This shit really pisses me off




The school was said to have new video cameras. -At the front door.

You know the one he shot out to get in.

Guess they didn't get that right?

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