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Mavericks Contest Tomorrow!

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Contest organizers for the Mavericks Invitational 2012-2013 presented by GoPro, have confirmed that the world’s premier big wave surf contest will take place on Sunday, January 20, 2013 in Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay, CA.


“The waves are going to be insane, the weather is going to be beautiful, and the level of surfing will break new ground,” said Mavericks Invitational Contest Director Jeff Clark.



This is the first time in three years that contest-worthy waves are headed to the

legendary surf break. Stormsurf forecaster Mark Sponsler stated, “This is looking like the best opportunity we’ve had in quite a few years with great conditions for running the contest.”



“This swell is going to offer huge waves and possibly perfect conditions. This is a very powerful swell, and we will have dramatic conditions that will push the competitors to their limits. Sunday is going to beautiful and very scary at times. I look forward to seeing plenty of glory rides,” said competitor and surfers’ representative Shawn Dollar.



Sounds like it's game on. They're streaming it live on the Mavericks website-



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lol wtf is this


dallas mavs killin it now gonna smash on those orlando fukbois u tryna dickride??


lolol wyte ppl...

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I used to see those things when I lived down in that area on the regular. I lived right next to one of the spots they would hold competitions. I still don't get the whole surfing thing it just doesn't make sense to me. Sometimes it looks cool but most of the time it looks kinda lame and like you just spend a lot of time sitting in the water falling down and doing nothing. The shark factor isn't all that scary, but i've watched a couple friends get seriously fucked up trying to surf some spots. My boy tried to catch waves at the beginning of this channel up north and ended up getting knocked into these rocks and getting a gnarly concussion.

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Yesterday started off as a shit show and went even dumber from there. So it wasn't loading?

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