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Black Tar

Tyvek and Densglass

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Without a doubt Tyvek and Densglass are nationwide untouchable kings of graffiti. I don't think most of you can appreciate the square feet and the amount of people who see these two every single day all day.










20100609_3.JPG BOOM


In every city.


This might go over some people's heads but this is real graffiti, realer than your favorite writer. Tyvek and Densglass are actually symbolic of not just extreme dominance of visual space and crushing square footage numbers and eyes-on time (the most of any symbols in human history and that's not a joke). Have you ever thought about graffiti as more than just words, but also objects? "Tyvek" is a symbol for a crew that makes everything you never think about but see every single day. This crew is richer than you could possibly imagine. Amongst some of the things they make which you see and use every day: plastic dashboard in your car, the spacey-patterned bus seat covers, your carpet and everyone else's carpet, the foam in the booths at restaurants, the fibers in your mattress and the bullet-proof glass between you and the teller at the bank. This being a small fraction of the things this crew fills the earth with. Packing peanuts also. This may not be how you are used to thinking about graffiti but this is inevitably where those ideas and urges to write your name over and over again go. Because, to reiterate, these people do in fact have the most surface covered with their word in addition to making up the objects that in turn full up your daily life. So it's not an either-or, true kings will inevitably do both and Tyvek and Densglass are true kings. Look around the room, and something - and it won't be labelled - comes from these people behind "Tyvek". Like your Bic lighter. In your city, "Tyvek Tyvek Tyvek Tyvek Tyvek Tyvek". These people are very influential and stylish, they are in fact doing the most. Post your Tyvek and Densglass pictures!

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