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What's in your pockets?


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Personally my EDC is a Benchmade Griptilian with serrated edge. Its a decent EDC knife and has handled a ton of abuse. Before I left NYC, my EDC was a Benchmade Mini Griptilian with tanto blade and serrated edge.


I'm home most the time these days and haven't really setup an EDC personal backpack, but planning on it. Then will go back to carrying the Multitasker Series 3X, which I was fortunate enough to be gifted by my friend that owns it. Far and away the best knife of the bench (hard to even compare since it's a multitool), but find it a little heavy to wear OWB or in a pocket and scared to lose it if I don't have it in a bag.


Besides that, I keep my keys on a Griffon Industries keychain (also friends with the guy that owns it and was fortunate that he blessed me with a couple) That said, they're just clean and functional and solid quality.










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@CALIgulathey're the way to go. Used to like the larger single blade knives but SAK are just so much more useful. And less intimidating in the work place... So wack that even needs to be a consideration... 

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I got mine at the flea market.. it was a really nice green one that i bought for about $5.


I went to a government surplus auction and they had boxes full of them that had been confiscated by TSA at airports across California.. but im really not about to pay for an entire box of them..


I need to make another trip to the flea market. 

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Damn, that sounds awesome! 


I've been to a police auction once. Mostly stolen bikes and tools like chains saws


And tons of growing set ups. Hydroponics and lights. Tons of it. Before weed was legal. 


I bought a dope original Z-Flex skateboard (think Dog Town) but ended up forgetting it at a bar like an asshole haha 

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