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Seasonal/migrant work in the US?

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Not that any of you fuckers care - but compared to Canada I thought Oz. was expensive when I lived there, but at that time there was a decent amount of job openings for skilled trade.


Here its $10 bucks a pack for smokes


10-15 for a cold 6 pack


$4.86 for a Gallon ($1.28 per liter)

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Currently I live in San Francisco (minimum wage 10.24) and work a dead-end food service job.


This is your number one problem. Quit right now and don't ever look back. Food service is the fucking worst. But why not move to colorado or washington and start a weed store. 100% Legal in those states.

You might want to consider using some of your restaurant connections to buy some woman (just ask the mexican dudes who speak no english they know someone) and start a "massage" business. Or you could import some eastern european or asain woman. Figure your investment to buy them would pay off in no time and you would never have to worry about cooch.

You could also slice your finger off at work and just sit back and get workers comp for the rest of your life. You might need to make it a whole hand to that though.

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Thought I'd update this, even though I'm sure no one really cares.

I managed to nab a job at a lodge in the Sierras right outside of Yosemite. It was the best thing I've ever done with my life and I find myself very happy. My job is extremely hard, bussing in their fancy restaurant, but it's far better than my last one. I'm leaving at the end of the season, either with an amazing girl I managed to find myself, or a car bought from my friend, to continue the adventure. Phase one went off without a hitch, and thanks for all the advice oontz! Really glad you warned me against WWOOF and the like.

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