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***NHL 13' Thread- Fuck Bettman

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how mad would you have been if the Redwings won it in O.T, over that blown call in the third period.


Probably about as mad as you get when San Jo shits the bed every year. Couldn't help myself


Wow, did LA look like dogshit. 2 shots in 1 period??? Makes you wonder where they would've finished if they didn't have Quick in net. Still think the series will go 6 most likely.



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Game 3 is going to be the hardest game to win in the series once again. Im calling a game 3 loss, and game 4 win. Close it out in Chicago. LA looked like shit once again- but this series isn't over, yet. They did it once already this year.

And La fans on that hockey message board are the most clueless fans ive seen so far. Cant imagine theres too many people that can hold a conversation about hockey in LA, but what the fuck do i know

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BIG win tonight..

Really would like to watch the other series.. Poor pittsburgh...Lawls ^^^

I know its not over yet, but hawks/bos should be pretty decent.

Hate to say it, but Boston looks to have their shit together at the right time

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Blackhawks win, we didnt get a Sweep but we did 4-1 the defending champs.





Bruins we shall welcome you to Chicago just fine.





Bring your sister over let her dance with me just for the hell of it

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Prob last post until series is over.

Hawks really need their first line to start playing if they want any chance of winning this series.

Quenville needs to have his shit in order and have the right people ready since we get the last change the first 2 games. That shit might make/break the series right there. Toews has been hot garbage all playoffs (1 goal, i still think he has a sprained hand etc from a slash in the det series) Hossa hasn't been doing much. Never seen his timing off like this, but he looks a step behind and his passes are 2-3ft in front of the target. Wtf dude.

Hawks are going to have to plant Bickells big ass in front of the net as much as possible. Chara will handle his ass most likely. Their first line needs to start perfoming so we have all 4 rolling like the regular season. We've gotten really lucky so far that Det decided to fold like that, and that La had so many injuries. I still think the best team in the NHL this year is out of the west. But RIGHT NOW I think its boston, and thats all that matters in the end. I'll be surprised if the hawks can pull it off.

Score first, and take the first game please. Really cant imagine losing game 1, on home ice. But its very possible

Series going 6 or 7

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