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Lo lives, Lo heads, Polo and Ralph Lauren aficionados Have I got a treat for you.

Crocodile Tears

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Ok I was recently lucky enough to get invited into the global head design office of Mr. Ralph Lifshitz. Its on Madison ave between 59th and 60th st in midtown. Right next to Barneys New York.


Anyway Bonkers isn't the word. I've been in a mansion or 2 in my life, east and west coast, and growing up here there was always legendary talk of the Polo Sport mansion on the upper east side, but that was basically a store. But this is the real deal (mind you its still an office). Decadence is about 1000 miles shy describing the set up. I didn't get to go into Mr. Lifshitz actual office but this is the Quadroplex lobby that leads into his 15 million dollar office. ALL CHERRY WOOD.


Its kinda weird; (for me at least) following Polo since i was literally around 13, a year or 2 after I started writing graffiti, also around the time you get a niche for your own style and identity. Polo was a brand I always felt has been stylish and respectable, and I'm glad I was introduced to it at an early age. I would say 60% of the shirts and sweaters I own are Polo. They also own Club Monaco and Rugby if youz didn't already know.




Okay here is the footage I snuck while I had the chance and no one was around to bother me or make me feel like a dick.

Honestly this is as close as I have ever felt to getting to go to the north pole and see Santa's workshop.


Hope you enjoy.










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If you have a few mins.




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Exactly. No windows bc its cut in the center of a building. As far as the employees, there was a secretary behind the bronze dog that I waited to step away from her desk. Where the video starts is where everyone works. That portion of the floor is has all the windows, and racks upon racks of clothes and bust forms and layout boards material and design ideas next seasons stuff etc. Im assuming his office has windows too but think of it as a spiral staircase.

I cant give away all my secrets, but my people know a few people. Guilty by association.

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Those lamps are RED not pink, as you would think from the video.

Its a 5 and its usually very good but the low lighting made some colors distort, but its still the best camera I've ever had in a phone




This is the dude who designed the space.



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For some reason I can't get rid of the idea that if I were there, and Lo Man was showing me around,

I would be inwardly retching. I think it's cool that you got to see something a little more exclusive that

you grew up with - that's dope. But to say someone is a philanthropist who has a 15 million dollar office?


I mean, if we're going percentage wise, by that standard a good portion of my friends are more than

philanthropists, they're fucking gods... and they don't advertise it.


But to be fair - I've always had a difficult time idolizing or admiring a person of extravagant wealth.



[excepting any Dumas character]

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I know he also has an automobile collection, but dude comes from humble beginnings and paid for all his house staffs kids to go to private schools.

Theres a few more noble things hes done, but I dont care to argue that point. I think all rich dudes can go fuck themselves, but he isnt that bad.

I dont idolize the guy but if I had to pick a successful person I would support he would be one for more then a few reasons.



Lauren is as generous as he is successful. In 1998, his company donated $13 million to the Smithsonian Institution to preserve the original American flag that inspired “The Star-Spangled Banner”. In 2001, in cooperation with Sloan-Kettering, he established the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care & Prevention in East Harlem, New York. Assisted by Polo Ralph Lauren designers, the interior of the Center features African-American and Latino art. Lauren also established Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) in 1990, after his dear friend and fashion editor of the Washington Post, Nina Hyde, died of breast cancer.


I know he treats his employees well and also

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