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27 dead in elementary school shooting


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i advocate the same foreign policy that switzerland holds and obviously i know full well what their system of defense is. you really think i dont know this stuff? cmon.

i know full well switzerland has its share of statist policies that pock every nation state.


the switzerland point is to show that the most dangerous implements folks like yourself wet the bed over at night are in civilian hands. full auto machine guns. and their crime rates are low. if 'easy access' is the 'problem' everyone in switzerland should be dead.


the point?

its not the gun, its the idiots behind the trigger.


its funny people ridicule me for being skeptical of an over reliance on 'statistics'

you know why? because each side has the empirical evidence on their side supposedly. how can this be?


they are militarily trained though, not some range shooter who thinks he could handle a hostage situation because he shoots at paper targets on the weekend. And I've never advocated the removal of weapons, I'm not scared of it but as a NORMAL HUMAN BEING when someone else has a gun that I don't know, I am worried about it. Just like I'm worried about when a cop pulls his weapon, I'm equally worried about a civilian rolling around tooled up. your incomprehension of that fact is absolutely mind boggling.


it's a combination of both mate, you can't do anything about the idiots but you can sure as hell do something about the gun.


oh and never once have you quoted a source so to me all those numbers you spout are absolute bullshit, at least the ones that I'm quoting come from a peer reviewed source, not some fucking picture I found on the internet.

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........, not some fucking picture I found on the internet.


Yeah, that "argument by meme' really niggles my nads too.


That one that puts up a bunch of dictators and implies that if their respective populaces had been armed so many people would not have died is so fucking ridiculous it makes my brain hurt.


Quick lesson in Chinese history for AOD:


Approx 30m people died of starvation after the Great Leap Forward due to Mao's silly agriculture techniques and the over-reporting of harvests in an attempt to please the 'Great Helmsman'. So 1. a gun won't save you from famine. 2. The people were willing participants of the events that led to their deaths, they were not shot/hanged/gassed by a dictator.


Approx 6m died during the Cultural Revolution, they were largely beaten, starved, stabbed, etc. These were students, farmers and members of the public that were doing the killing. Then the country started to factionalise and power centers emerged with more killings. So, 1. Mao and many others were responsible for creating the Cultural Revolution but it was the people through their own FREE WILL that did the killing and if the people had been armed, the killing would have been far, far worse. 2. Mao ended up calling in the army to stop the killing and pull the waring factions apart. It was the govt's guns that STOPPED the killing, not caused it.


CLIFF NOTES - The Chinese people were willing participants in their situation - being armed would not have saved them from famine - it was the public killing the public and if 'the people' were armed even more people would have died.



I'm not as confident in Russian history or that of the other dictators. But I am educated enough, unlike the NRA it would seem, to know that history is very complex and that meme about dictators is complete and absolute crap used to persuade the uneducated and people who just want to confirm their biases.

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your posts demonstrate one thing very clearly. you do not understand the real gun culture of self defense in america. if you dont understand something, you look like a buffoon when talking about it.


Oh, yeah, because the values espoused by you and your buddies are indicative of the attitude held by an entire nation of gun owners.


Again, you refuse to admit that there is any such thing as an irresponsible gun owner.


Edit: and as far as history goes, I am confident enough in German history to say that the last two lines of the post above me hit the nail on the head for Hitler as well. Keep in mind that just arming the German population wouldn't have been a magic catalyst for toppling the Nazi regime, because the vast majority of National Socialism's victims came from outside of Germany...specifically countries that had already resisted (with guns and everything!) and been defeated. Not to mention the Nazi propaganda machine, which was extremely active in spreading disinformation among the German people, and doing a great job catering to considerable segment of the population.

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weird how every time a tragedy happens it ends up turning into a gun debate


there are laws against drugs.. we still have drugs.. laws against murder.. we still have murder..

point: good people follow laws, Bad people do not.. take guns away from people will give bad guy advantage over good person without gun.

pretty logical right?

note: shooting occurred in gun free zone


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weird how every time a tragedy happens it ends up turning into a gun debate


yet at the same time very necessary.




our former PM, John Howard, wrote a fantastic article for the Herald and it raises a lot of good points that might be hard to see from someone within the country.


it was written in August of this year but it rings truer than ever in light of recent events.

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^ This.


It seems like to me that 9/10 times this shit happens the future shooter is basically Red Flag island.


Fuck the gun laws, we just need to keep a much better eye on the mentally unstable, honestly it may sound harsh but from now on if I hear anyone even joke about this shit im just going to beat them into the ground.


By now you should be able to find the signs of a potential mass shooter,

A. Theyre on meds, known to be crazy and have no friends.

B. they fucking tell you theyre going to do it.

C. they try to get a gun


Its harder for an under 21 to get a drink than it is for a nut to get a gun in America.

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yes, we should monitor and track all mentally ill people in the US. Whether it be depression, mpd, schizophrenia, bi polar disorder, ptsd, insomnia, or anything else. fuck them. they are the problem, not the guns...



that makes way the fuck more sense than making it even slightly difficult for people to get high capacity semi-auto weapons...



Its harder for an under 21 to get a drink than it is for a nut to get a gun in America.


so that would be an argument FOR stricter gun regulation then???



also, must spread rep before negging mclovin again.

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I skimmed thru the thread, see a bunch of people.calling for stricter gun laws without actually putting an idea.forward that isn't already in.place in some form or area

Maybe I missed them?


I don't think the problem is guns

I wanna know when an why we stopped putting crazy people.in asylums

Remove the psychos ffrom the equation


bhavent been following the sstory

What kind of gun duid he use?

I heard Glock from someione aat work

So why the discussion about semi auto rifles?

There was a school shooting here maybe ten years ago

Kid took his dads 22 pistol and killed a couple of his classmates

Would restrictions on semi auto rifles do any thing to prevent that from happening again?



Another thing, where the fuck was the school police officer? I know its elementary school but we have them here at that level


I dunno

Maybe make gun safes mandatory?



Like I said I skimmed thru so excuse me if I missed a post or something that addresses MY post

Also excuse the typos, Smart phone typing blows!

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