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27 dead in elementary school shooting


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On April 27, 1995, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) spoke at the US Senate hearing on terrorism shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing.


During the hearing, she referenced her concealed carry permit and how she carried a gun with her in the 1970's, citing the urge to arm yourself for protection- in her case from threats.


She states:


"I know the sense of helplessness that people feel. I know the urge to arm yourself because that's what I did. I was trained in firearms. I walked to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon and I made the determination if somebody was going to try and take me out, I was going to take them with me."


In 1994, Sen. Feinstein championed the federal assault weapons ban which expired in 2004 due to sunset provisions in the law.


Now, after recent shooting tragedies, Feinstein is making another push for tighter gun control.



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^Thought I would have a open mind and check the link because of the numerous times I have been impressed with butt shaking youtube videos.


Direct quote from the first paragraph


"I'd rather be raped than have some redneck militia type try to rescue me."


How often have you heard these statements from misguided advocates of victim disarmament, or even woefully uninformed relatives and neighbors?


Well, I for one have never heard that one, closed link. Also "Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc." good thing they incorporated lol.



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I didn't know canadians used "bush" like australians use "bush."


I learn something everyday.


Oh shit, its tomorrow already, I guess I fucked yesterday up with that.


going out there would be said like this:


Up in the Boons



out to the Bush

Out Yonder

Up Narth

Up North

the FSR's

Out in them trees

up near the crick

up in the mountains


couple four couple five later a feller could really get'r fucking goin there young buck.

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lets be honest with each other now...


The only reason anyone would want an assault rifle is because they FUN & EXCITING & SXC they are not practical in house or personal defense.


I own rifles and shotguns here in Australia and I'd probably own a handgun/ semi auto like a mini 14 if I could ( a full-on assault feels a bit try hard to me).


The point is, I like my guns. but I'm sure as hell glad we don't have the same absolute lack of control/screening that the US does. Its an absolute joke. your country would be so much less fucked without guns. and I'm not talking about the mass shootings and i'm talking about the constant ghetto trash killing and firearm low level street crime... enjoy that, fight 4 your right for that!

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So I originally predicted that the NRA would hold conference on Monday, turns out I was uninformed as apparently the NRA goes silent for a while after school shootings.


They opened up today with a plan to place police at every school in the country. What a fucking joke.




I wonder how the true believers will respond to this, certainly if you need guns to protect yourself from the government, hiring and employing well over a hundred thousand armed police at your schools might rub you the wrong way.

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so when mclovin called me a statist due to my sarcastic remarks on tracking the mentally ill i assume he didn't think the NRA would support my sarcasm.


Because vets with ptsd and other mental issues don't have enough motivation to NOT seek help, the prospect of being denied a constitutional right-- which they served to protect--is sure to encourage them to truly seek the help they need.


Bravo NRA, you fucking morons.

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I do not own a gun. I do not want to kill a living thing, and that is what a gun, as a tool, is designed to do. Target practice and blowing shit up is a past-time of many of my friends, although I never was interested. Kinda felt like it was a small pecker syndrome type shit.


On to my point, I don't know much about guns but remember hearing of a safety feature being a gun would not be activated unless the registered users fingerprints unlocked it by grip. Seems to me if this feature was put on all future guns there'd be less slayings of these kind. Do these guns exist or am I thinking of a movie or some shit?

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If you watched Ron Paul's last speech, you'd know that's already a feature. Every living gun owner only allows their hands to touch their gun, and it is never handled by anyone else, even another gun owner. So essentially, that would be redundant, because a legally owned gun will never be touched by another living soul, and thus it is impossible for anyone but the owner to fire it.


You'd probably also be interested to know that legal gun owners have the patience and composure of a Buckingham Palace guard, and the foresight and knowledge of an MIT graduate. They individually train to achieve this, I've studied it and I know. If you disagree with me on this point, you're also actively campaigning for legislation allowing female genital mutilation in the United States. No two ways about it.

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the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun





arming teachers with gun...really?!?...teacher having a bad day, kid gets on their last nerve..they lose there gripon sanity and skin the smokewagon...fucking ay.. i can see the headline...teacher on rag pulls smith and wesson on student for talking in class..gun accidently fires killing kid/ student or teacher..



mark it ZERO!!!

N.R.A video they showed...blaming video game..


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the NRA won't go away.... tragic. nothing will change.


screenshot of the Bushmaster website




reading some thing about defending masculinity...


"Privileged white American men are also the ones most likely to feel the rage of “frustrated entitlement,” keenly aware of the disconnect between the affluence and autonomy they were taught was their birthright, and the anxiety and rejection that seems to characterize their daily experiences with others...."

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