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The Shame. (POF thread gone too far)

Fist 666

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been messing with a few girls on here.. NYE I met up with this one I knew. She was with hr friend and we went to this warehouse party. I should add that they are from a small town outside of my city. I realized they were kinda lame and left them at the party.


Another one is a stage 5 clinger so I kinda stopped talking to her other than a booty call.

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Unsure how I managed to miss this one back in the day. Realizing I missed a ton of good stuff somehow.


Crazy thing is that now I'm tracking most stuff through the activity feed (though the view I have it set for are to show threads I follow) and since things picked up last week, actually having a little trouble keeping up with it. Amazing to see the forum starting to wake up!

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On 12/7/2012 at 1:03 AM, Fist 666 said:



i am ashamed.

i think i just did the grossest thing i've ever done.

mother of 3. lives in the trailer park not far from my place.


as her shirt came up i could feel all the stretch marks like cracked concrete on her side.

i started to smirk thinking this will make a funny story, she thought i was aroused.


i led her to my room. we strip. I think about taking my glasses off (i'm nearsighted) so I can pretend I'm elsewhere. I knew what i was doing was not good. and it kept getting worse. she smelled like trailer (i've lived in parks, i know). that mix of papa john's garlic sauce and cigarette smoke with hint of litter box in the finish.

I've hogged before. sober. I've whaled and made it out okay. I'll make this too but its all wrong. all wrong.


her bra was one of those super stuffed ones. she says, "my bra is a bit deceiving but no one has ever been disappointed." she lost 4 cup sizes to reveal gnarly near-pancakes with oversized aereolas. leopard print too. stupid.


its truly amazing what a pair of jeans can hold in place. pudding in human shape. stretch marked pudding in human shape. pudding thats been exposed to air and gets that cracked film across it from drying. ugh. mud in national geographic films that dries in the summer droughts.


she got under the covers. we made out and i tried to be somewhere else while i fingered her. i've never felt like i could outright fist someone without lube and yellow kitchen gloves. i didn't.


i asked what she wanted. "you. is that okay?" i put on a condom and push her knees to her chest. her fat leaks out to her sides. she looks like a hot water bottle leftover from the 70s. but gross pale white, like white walled tires discarded in arizona desert dumps, cracked, yellowed and faded under an unforgiving sun. a tulip's wilted stalk after an early freeze, turgor pressure gone, cells burst, only an exterior membrane holding a memory of what nature had intended.


as i push into her i feel the stubble on her calves and inner thigh rub my side. "what am i doing?" i think, she says, "tell me when you're going to cum." i fuck for a few minutes. I slip out a few times. she's smiling, moaning. i can smell her. i flip her over. roll really.

there is no muscle in her pudgy ass. the cheeks flap apart like old flags in a wind storm as she moves to be face down. her butt hole looks ravaged.

i grab her shoulder and force my dick back into her.


my penis didn't want to play and after 5 minutes of boning my dick decided game-over. i pushed rope as long as i could but that marsupial flap of belly evilT mentioned, the in-grown vagina hair (if you're chubby why bother with a landing strip?), the stretchmark sun rays emanating from her nipples, the backne i'd felt grate my fingertips as i'd undone her obscenely deceiving bra...


i tell her its done. "it is not going to happen."


she points to her face, "come up here for a minute." i'm about 1/2 mast. she has a tongue ring. haven't had that since high school. "this might work," i think

she sucks. i get maybe to 3/4. if my dick had wanted to play i could have rough-face-fucked for all she was worth. she was into it. i couldn't get my mind back in the game. the funny-story-game, that is. or the boner game. she had a few white heads on her face that were pissing me off.


i lay down beside her, she kind of rolls over and grabs her pants/panties pile and pulls them on together.

"i guess i should get back to my kids..."

"yeah probably that would be the right thing to do."



i walk her to the door.

i notice that my porchlight is a joke, it doesn't really light shit beyond the front step.

she says, "i'll see you around."




5 minutes passes.

she texts, "question. might be dumb. have to ask and want an honest answer. was it me?"

"i don't know." i don't want to be a dick to her. i'm not angry yet, still recoiled into a dark place i haven't been in years.

"its ok if it was. just wondering. sorry if i didn't seem to be what you expected."





its all too much. i need to shower. i washed my hands but i can still smell her as i type.


i need a shower beer and a shower.


goodnight 12oz.



TLDR: i fucked a trailer park mother of 3 and gave you guys the details of shame. now i'm going to shower.






I think about this story like once every 6 months btw 

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