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blood fart

Stick And Poke

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To Acer: it's all been laid out here, good points from everyone. The fact everything is on the net, the fact it will engulf more and more micro cultures, this is the world we live in. You can try to be as Albini as possible, the stuff's still here online.


But really, since everybody does share online what they do, would you rather read about that hipster kid last page or someone from our generation/someone who knows what's up? I'd read the latter.


They said reject the digital age. But here we are. Someone could call you both out for being on the net at all by similar rules

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You better believe that as soon as I get all these zines printed up...I am gonna be promoting and selling them via the internet.

Things evolve.

Deal with it.

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Top of the last page had all these letters formed into words and then into sentences and paragraphs that went

on and on and on and on

More sticking of skin, less poking of tread.


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I just found out that the girl I did that inverted cross/palm tree and Nordic runes on is the daughter of the dude who the character The Dude in The Big Lebowski is based on.

It doesn't make me like her more than I already do.

Because I already like her a lot.

Hence me giving her two tattoos.

Just thought it was something pretty cool.


We are taking a hiatus from this until after the holidays.

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She's pretty cute. And weird. And funny.

Pre-requisites to hang out with the crowd I run with.


Hipster is such an over-used catch-all term.

We're just into having fun.

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Went to the flea market last weekend.

It was better than good.








Package deal.








This lady wanted $100 for her NES system.

No thanks, we already have 2.














My friend's legs.

I am usually hard pressed to find a person that I like all of their tattoos.

Usually there might be one or two that I like.

Usually the majority are not what I tend to like.

I have met many people that I can't find 1 tattoo on them that I actually do like.

This is the only person I know that I like all of his tattoos.

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Last night I dreamt I gave somebody a stick'n'poke (never have irl).


I was having kind of a hard time keeping the ink where it should be.


ya, ya, cool story bro! ..t'was a funny dream though..

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